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ilovecelenaANF - October 20

I Been with my girlfriend 4 almost 2 years and we found out 2 months ago she waz 5 months pregnet.we were doing fine intell later on she was trying to throw me out her life.i kept tryin and tryin and never gaved up.she fainaly stopped but its been getting worse.she been hittin me and not care-ing and i dont know wat to do. I LOVE THIS GIRL AND I LOVE MY CHILD.I NEED SO HELP PLEZ


Grandpa Viv - October 20

Let me guess that she is mad at the world, and you happen to be the handiest object to lash out at. If you really want a long term relationship here, try giving her a bit of leaving alone. I think she will miss you after a while, especially after Christmas when she has a baby to look after. Then you can start in again on a more stable footing. GL!


Jakes Mommy - October 21

I'm 7 months pregnant right now and to be honest I don't even realize when i'm being mean to my boyfriend. But you should understand she's gaining all the weight that she may not be use to, people probably stare at her constantly which makes her uncomfortable and it's very aggrivating, she may be one of the unlucky ones who's sick all the time and just being pregnant all together is uncomfortable. If you've felt the baby kick your hand already imagine that inside of you kicking everything in there but it's harder than what you feel on your hand. But when my boyfriend notices i'm getting an att_tude he'll either leave me alone or apologize even if he hasn't done anything wrong which makes me feel guilty and I know to chill. I hope I helped a little. I know your probably tired of hearing pregnancy as an excuse for everything but you've only got maybe 2-3 months left. :) Good luck.


Mikesgirl - October 28

remember that saying that says if you love someone set them free if they come back it was meant to be ?? well honestly i think its strange that she is carring your child and she is hitting you and doesn't care. i know that you love her ALOT, try being more open on her besides if she gets too stressed she could loose the baby and i know that's the last thing you want!!! I would just calmly sit her down(at least try to) and talk resonable with her. you never know she may just surprise you!! =] *Advice Girl* (P.S.Advice girl is a friend of mine) She is there for me when i need her because i am 6 weeks pregnant and even though i may yell and be mean to her she still will always be there for me. I know how you feel because my boyfriends mom did the same thing to her second husband when she was pregnant with his kid its just a stage that some girls go through. Even i sometimes get really crabby and mean to my boyfriend because at times i think that he will leave me since im pregnant but he keeps telling me that he wont leave me because im pregnant and that things will get better as the time goes on. Please trust me things will get better as they go.


Jakes Mommy - October 28

Whoaa. I didn't realize you said she was hitting you. There's never ANY reason for that. You should probably just leave her alone for a litte while and let her decide what she wants. Do you honestly want to be with a girl who's gonna be hitting on you? Being pregnant is NO excuse for hitting someone.



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