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starzrock - February 17

well i think i may be preg....um....i dont really know if i did is really s_x...well he sticked it in but not all the way can i be preg. if he put it in???i dont know if he c_med and if he did just a lil bit can i be preg? please answer me bak someone plz! jazmine


Gaby - February 17

s_x is s_x and you did it and yes you can get pregnant if he put it in especially if he spermed although you can get pregnant from pre c_m.if you want to have s_x, learn about it first and take care of yourself cuz its kind of dumb that you dont even know if it is s_x but i dont mean it in a bad way cuz i didnt know everything about it when i first did it


starzrock - February 17

so do u know if there's a great chance?


starzrock - February 17

GABY THIS IS ME AGAIN....PLZ ANSWER wats the chances?


Chelle - February 17

starzrock, yes there is a chance but probably a very small one. The only thing you can do is wait for your period. If it does not show up take a pregnancy test. Try not to stress out because stress can delay your period.


starzrock - February 17

Chelle!!!! thnx u very much


Aussie Mercedes - February 18

STARZROCK - There is a possibility that you are pregnant, but I agree withChelle it is a small one, but depends greatly on what time of the month you did it! There is a greater chance if you had s_x in the two to three weeks after your period. You usually around the 14th day after your period, but everyone is different. If you want to have s_x please be careful, get protection - get him to wear two condoms if necessary. If he truly loves you he will take steps to protect you and if he doesn't because "that would mean I can't feel it properly" as an excuse from him then he doens't really care about yo he just cares about his own satisfaction and you are better off without him!! S_x without protection opens you up to HIV, Aids and other diseases that can kill you or make you infertile - DON'T take the risk. Go to a family planning clinic (they are usually free) and get them to explain everything for you. If you are not pregnant take this scare as a wake up call to be more careful in the future!! This is not a critisism just friendly advice because you asked. Take care


amberlee - February 18

hahaha yu tell her. silly girl. "sticked it in"....i don't know, but i think you ought to leanr to speak before you continue having s_x, silly girl.



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