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javy - December 4

I know you must get a million e-mails all sounding the same and i am sorry that i am sending you another one but i really have no one else to turn to, to ask questions about pregnacy. First off im 19 year old male and my girlfriend is 17 and she got her period on oct. 28 and it ended on nov. 6 but that was the last one she had and that period was very late but it happened. Now i really dont know what could have caused her to miss her nov. period so i turned to you. As far as i can tell she has none of the pregnacy signs but she hasnt told me everything yet. To get to the main point besides taking a preg. test is there any other way to know, and if she is, is there anyway to stop it from happening? I have read about the morning after pill but it has been more then 72 since the last time we had s_x is there anything else we can do? will it harm her if she takes it even though she takes it after 72 hours, or can it just cause her period to happen cuz thats really what i want to happen and i have no idea when or what could have caused her to miss the last period. please help.


T - December 4

Javy - Try not to worry as not all missed periods are pregnancy related. Sometimes they are hormonal related. Especially in teenagers when your hormones are all over the place. So try not to worry. But being as late as she is, she must do a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test is the only way she can find out if she is pregnant. If the test is positive she'll have to see her doctor for a blood test to confirm the pregnancy. A lot of pregnant women down have any pregnancy symptoms until the later months and a lot of pregnant women have symptoms a few weeks after conception. She cant take the morning after pill. Its far to late and will only waste your money and wont do any good. If she is pregnant, taking the morning after pill may harm your girlfriend and the unborn baby. So dont take the morning after pill. The morning after pill wont cause her period to happen. It will cause her period to be up to another month late. The usual thing for making a girl miss her period is pregnancy or hormonal related. So she should do a pregnancy test. Dont stress or worry okay. I know its hard and difficult but stressing isnt going to help either of you. You need to deal with this maturely. Especially if she is pregnant. So do a pregnancy test without fail! Let me know how you get on and I'll try to help you. :o)



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