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babaycakes - February 15

I have a serious question, im not looking for yall to give me c__p on my age and stuff like that. Please just give me any advice you have, I would really appreciate it right now.... On feb. 4th my boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x(dont give me any c__p please I know its pretty stupid) and yeah he came in me and that was about a week before my expected period. Then last week feb. 10 the day I was suppose to start my period my boyfriend and I had more unprotected s_x and again he came in me. I was suppose to start my period on that night the 10th. It was 2 days late it started sunday(the 12th) and it has been only 3 days long and now its gone. I dont know what to think but my breats have actually been really sore like when I run they hurt and theyve gotten bigger. I told my boyfriend and he had a major breakdown and he said he thinks I might be pregnant. I dont want to take a test at least not yet. Can anyone give me like advice or something. Please!!!?? This is serious now, and also please dont give me any kind of c__p about my other posts and my age and stuff. I really dont need that right now. All I need is some good ol advice from other females that know about this stuff. Thank you!!


maren - February 15

well it would be to early really for symptoms. You did get a period so that tends to be a good sign. It could have been late and shorter than normal because you were a bit stressed think about the fact that you may have gotten pregnant. Honestly i would probably wait untill your next period to take a test because you did get a period this month. It wont do to much harm if you wait till your next period to see if you get it or you dont. Just make sure that if you have s_x again from now untill your next period to use a condom just to take the pregnancy scare away. If you dont get your period next month take a test and you are probably pregnant. If you do get your period then try not to put yourself in that situation, it can be stressfull not knowing. Good luck!!


Grandpa Viv - February 15

Try not to be defensive or aggressive. We are here to help you. The ten days before your period is due are not in your fertile window. Two weeks before is prime time. Did you have s_x Jan 28th too? An abnormal period and unusual sensitive b___bs do suggest pregnancy. How about some of fatigue, dizzy, appet_te, upset tummy, aches, acne change, peeing and lotion discharge? Probably need to test first pee Saturday to make sure. Good luck!


jg - February 16

No-one here can tell you if you are pregnant or not, you need to do a test. It's the only way to be sure.


Lillie E - February 16

don't stress out quite yet, BUT start using protection hun... i don't want to drill you one it or anything, but i made the same mistake as you and thought "oh it was only once i have nothing to worry about" and now i have a 4 month old... so just watch out. if your not pregnant then your lucky for your youths sake, but start taking percausions so hopefully you won't get pregnant.


cyndrz632 - February 17

hey!! My name is Cindy..im 15 years old and 21 weeks pregnant!!! Wait about 6 weeks and then take a test!! you can either go to a local free clinic to get a test or go and buy a hometest!!!! For now all you can do is wait it out!!!! You might be pregnant!!! But like i said theres nothing else you can do but wait it out!!! if you need anyone here to talk to im here ok!!!!


Audgiepodgie07 - February 17

i agree with maren, your body prolly just stressed out and thast why ur period was screwed up....and ur b___bs wouldnt b bigger already, not to be rude, but its prolly just in ur head lol but its ok, b/c i did hte same thing....you just get scared.



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