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twinkiia - November 2

okay im 15 and i had unprotective s_x while i was in the middle of my period is there a greater chance of getting pregante while on your period? how long do you have to wait to take a preganacy test?


Grandpa Viv - November 2

Counting the first day of your period as cycle day 1, the chance of getting pregnant starts increasing around cycle day 7 and peaks at cycle day 13 (the day before ovulation) when it is about 30%. After ovulation the chance of pregnancy drops off pretty fast. The trick is to know when you ovulate, usually 14 days before your next period. There are signs like different mucus and ovulation cramps.. Pregnancy tests are usually a waste of money until you have missed a normal period. If you had unprotected on cycle day 4 you are pretty safe, but you would be well advised to buy some condoms, learn how to put them on, insist they be used all the time every time, and stay away from that fertile window cycle days 8 thru 16 of 28. Good luck!


GimmeaBub - November 2

It's unlikely, but it can happen. Remember you have a period because your losing an unfertlised egg and uteral lining. You usually get pregnant any time after your period, about 10-16 days after i believe depending on the length of your cycle. If your going to do a test try and wait about 2 weeks then do one. Best of luck Girl.


Noodle - November 3

getting pregnant entirely depends on when you ovulate, which is typically 14 days before your nxt period, but you may be one of those pople who ovulate early or late. a friend of mine ovulated during her periods, which i think is a bit wierd but bodies are strange. wait until your next period is due before testing, but alkays use condoms as you nvr know when your body may decide to chuck out an egg


GimmeaBub - November 3

lol chuck out an egg thats cute


PreciousBaby19 - November 5

no there isn't a greater chance round your period but it can happen...just relax and take it in stride...start using condoms and get informed.. take a test and then let us know how it pans out but your going to have to wait if you just had s_x



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