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Jenn - October 4

I might just be paranoid here, but..i had s_x with my boyfriend on the 27th of Sept. We wanted to see what it would feel like for a second without a condom. He only put it in for a second, literally a second ( bad idea, i know) I know about pre-c_m and i know theres a chance i could be pregnant, but how big of a chance? I'm just scared because I'm sick now, and i know its early to have sickish type symptoms, but im paranoid. My periods due on Oct 8 or 9th. What are your thoughts?


Shorty - October 4

Plot the time you had your last period and the day it ended. Usually day 8 to 15 is your most fertile days so depending on when you had s_x and what time in your cycle.. you need to always use protection


Jenn - October 4

its like the 14th day. I usually get really bad cramps when im ovulating and that happened a couple days later. Im just so worried. should i really be so worried about this? i mean it was a second, its not like he busted inside me or anything. I just dont know what to think


Viv - October 4

Not paranoid but justifiably worried. If you got sperm in you a couple days before you ovulated, it could do its thing - lasts 5 days. For instance, if you had s_x with a condom, took the condom off and penetrated again for one second, there would have been quite a bit of sperm in his urethra, some of which would likely have come out. Implantation is about a week after conception. You ovulated the 29th and it is now 6 days later. Are you sick, or experiencing early symptoms of pregnancy? No point in panicking. If your period is late, wait a week and do an hpt. Even if it is positive, remember that a surprising number of conceptions do not stick. Good luck, Jenn. Next time use spermicidal foam or insert as backup to the condom!


jenn - October 4

right after we used a condom that had the nonoxyol 9 spermicide on it, would that have killed any prec_m inside me? or do sperm move too fast to be killed by anything like that?


GuitarJade - October 4

Spermicide doesn't kill off every sperm... so, while it may have killed some of them, there were probably still a few left. And don't panic too much... stress can delay your period too! Good luck!


Viv - October 4

Let me get this straight. He went in for a quick dip before putting on the condom? That's not quite as bad as what I was envisioning, but you're right about the pre-c_m. The spermicide on the condom gives the manufacturer a chance to advertise their lubricant and give some undefined hope of protection against STDs. I don't see it as giving a knockout b__w to sperm already in there. I am getting so mad about our educational system I could spit! Why aren't these things taught in school? This is all part of the administration's misguided abstinence education policies. One day someone will sue the Board of Education for child support! I'm at [email protected] if you want to talk some more.


Jenn - October 4

My symptoms: Nausea Stomach Cramping Headaches Stomach Aches Muscle Weakness Diarrhea - I called my doctor today and told her my symptoms, she told me theres a virus going around with these symptoms. If i am pregnant i would have concieved a week ago. Are these symptoms present within the first week? My b___bs are slightly sore but i get that everytime im going to get my period. Normally, how long after unprotected s_x do you realize stomach pains,etc? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated


jenn - October 5



Viv - October 6

Early symptoms of pregnancy would be appearing about now, but your symptoms sound more like flu than pregnancy, particularly the muscle pains which I read as distinct from "very tired". Let's hope that your sore b___bs are a sign that your period is coming soon.


Jenn - October 6

I felt better today. A little bit of a stomach ache but thats it. It went away later in the day. I have a looot of energy today too! so thats good. Im supposed to get my period between Oct 7-9. Sooo hopefully tomorrow it will come! or to the drug store i go to get a preg test. Wish me luck :)


Jenn - October 9

took two preg tests today: notttt pregnant! :) but still no period?



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