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sarah - January 17

Hey,my boyfriend just broke up with me yesterday and im really upset about it but thats not just that me and him we were having unprotected s_x day 7,13,18,20 and now im on day 24,what are the chances i could be pregnant.??????? i havent tought about all this and these dates till today ,HELP!! HAS ANY1 ELSE DONE THIS AND GOT PREGNANT??


sorry - January 17

Yep. There's a pretty good chance you could be pregnant. Take a test.


Sarah - January 17

Thanx but is it not a bit early 2 take 1??? im kinda worried,.thanx 4 replyin hope i et more advice i really need it.


Grandpa Viv - January 17

Cycle Day 13 of 28 is your most fertile. If you are due in 4 days and you feel totally normal, chances are you got lucky this time around. If your period has not showed by Sunday you could take a home test first pee in the morning, but it would be better to wait a week after that to avoid the possibility of false results. How about buying some condoms, making sure they get used properly, and stay away from your most fertile days CD8-16 of 28. Good luck!


sarah - January 17

is it wrong that i would love to be pregnant with his child and im not saying that 2 get him back but i love him and would love to be pregnant, ny1 else want 2 comment??


jg - January 17

High chance you could be pregnant. I strongly disagree with abortion under ANY circ_mstances so there is no way on earth I am suggesting that to you, but my opinion, since you asked, is that yes it is wrong to want to be pregnant with your ex-boyfriends baby since he doesn't obviusly want to be in this relationship, and children obviously benefit greatly from having two loving parents. I am not criticising single-parents at all, but I feel that if you can provide a loving warm stable relationship with two parents who love each other, then that is the best foundation for bringing a baby into this world.


Dr.mom - January 19

I agree with jg regardless of your feelings for your ex consider having to explain this all to the baby. I respect single parents and it can be done but make sure that you have all the means needed to provide a wonderfull life for your baby. Always remember that a baby will not make a relationship work the relationship has to be there before in order to be strong. I dont know your personal situation but i would say that if you are not stable enough to be a parent on your own then yes it would be a bad thing to want to bring a baby into this world unprepared. I dont agree with abortion ither and i am a dr. so if you have any questions i would be happy to help.



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