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elvis - November 15

im a 17 yr old father to be. it was an un planned pregnancy but after many conversations we decided to go through with it. we were in love, ( many people say teens dont know what love is...there very much mistaken) my girlfriend is now in her 11th week, we've just had our first ultra sound and thank fully all is well, with the baby, not with us. i love her so much, but its killing me. she now, since about the 9th-10th week, has been hurting me. shes constantly pointing out my flaws, calling me terrible names, saying she doesnt believe in me and that shes ready to do this on her own. is it hormones? shes recently in the past few days sent me a msg telling me that we need to go on a break. i couldnt live without this girl. without her im nothing. i need her, and i know she needs me through this. i wan to do this together, but cant when she pushes me away. wat do i do? how do i handle this? and will it get better? after the pregnancy (if its just hormones) will she love me again?


GimmeaBub - November 15

First of off, well done on being responsible at this point in time, i know it must be hard for you but your being honest and you are sticking it through and that shows alot. Secondly your girlfriend may be just like this because of of her hormones or perhaps she is becoming more and more self concious, remember to keep telling her how beautiful she looks, really let her know that this pregnancy is doing wonders for her, understand you are both younge and this probably wasnt the right move ina any direction but see it as something you both are working towards together, she may also be seeing her friends and how their lives are going and feel some what envious but try not to be discourage a pregnant woman has alot going on in her body that can make you feel preetty uncomfortable, and then theres the thought of labour, but try and continue to let her know everything will be fine, and you will work through it, maybe take her out for a day, look at baby stuff, or just relax on the beach, and contnue the relationship as normal, you got alot of responsabilty coming your way but in the meantime take some time out and listen to each other, I hope everything works out, Baby Juice



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