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Jenny - November 5

I'm 14 1/2 and still a virgin. My mom made me get the nore pland about 6 months ago because she said she started having s_x when she was 14. She gave birth to me when she was 15. Mom told me that she is 3 1/2 months pregnant . She has nevered married and has no plan to marry the father. Mom wants me to say the baby is mine as she said no one cares about a 15 year old having a baby any more. But at 31 it would make our lives difficult. She would quit her job and we would move to a new town and I would be the baies mother. What has it been like for you teenage mothers? I'm not sure I should do this. What do you think?


From Jenny - November 5

Mom said she disn't plan to get pregnant. I just happened one night when she went on a date. She said she had to much wine. p.s. I love the idea of having a little brother or sister.


HELL NO - November 5

She needs to step up to the plate.There are lots of things you can do to help out if you want.Millons of woman have babys and are not with the father.Two words BIRTH CONTROL!


to hell no - November 5

Thanks for your vote. I a__sume that it means not to take the baby as mine. I am still a virgin and I have the Nore Plant for birth control. Also mom makes me keep a box of condoms in my purse so I don't get a STD when I have s_x for the first time.


from "hell no" - November 5

Good to hear that your thinking ahead.Is ther any other way to help your mother without it taking over your life.


from "hell no" - November 5

Being a single parent to a new baby at any age can be scary.Knowing you are willing to pinch in even a little might be of some comfort.


Gilmore Girls - November 5



Lee - November 5

Sweetie, is there someone you trust you can talk to, a teacher, the guidance counsleor at your school. You need to talk to someone in real life. I am so sorry you are havin gto deal with something so big at such a young age. You mom needs to talk to someone too. Hugs to you sweetie


Jbear - November 6

Are you in the US? If you are, are you sure you got Norplant? It became unavailable in the US in July 2002 and as far as I've heard, it is still unavailable.


- November 6

she needs to keep a box of condoms in her purse.v



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