I Need Some Comfort

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samantha - December 13

hi..i'm 14..i'll be 15 in january..about a week ago the condom broke while me and my boyfriend were having s_x..my period had ended a day before that..my mom didn't know we were s_xually active up until today because i couldnt handle her nagging me about it any more..every day all i hear is stuff abgout how if i come home pregnant and all this how sh__l beat the shit out of me nd im so scared that i am..i havent took a test yet because i just wanna wait and see if i get my period..i know theres not much any one can say but i jus need to talk to someone..so if you want you can email me or something at [email protected] .. thanx


Chey - December 13

hi..girl i know exactly how you feel..Am 15 years old am turning 16 in June and am 7 weeks pregnant..i was so scared to tell my mom..i just figured i cant hold it in no more longer i just told her straight up..she'll be disappointant at 1st she might start crying..but please believe me she will be supportive just buy a home pregnacy test get two of them just so you will know for sure..Good Luck..if you need to talk you can just email me [email protected]


Vanessa - December 14

Don't worry about it, everything should be okay and i dont think your mum meant that, she probably is scared about it and doesnt want you to 'ruin' your life, so sh'es showing concern in an odd way


t - December 14

it's not likely you are pregnant. Wait and take a test. How old was your mom when she had you? If she was young too then there's why she's being so tough about this. Go to Planned Parenthood (they won't call your mom) and get on the pill as soon as possible, if you won't stop the s_x (and I have yet to meet a teen who WOULD stop having s_x). Keep using a condom, too. The best birth control is to use 2 kinds at once. It isn't perfect, but it will help keep you out of that kind of trouble. I hope you are all right.


Grandpa Viv - December 14

Samantha, the day after your period ends is not really high risk. There's not much more than a 1 in 10 chance of pregnancy, less since you don't talk of early signs which would be starting now if you were. If you don't have money for birth control pills, then try using v____al spermicide along with a condom.



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