I Need Someone S Help On This One

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Candie - July 18

Me and my boyfriend had unprotected s_x 12 days my period, around that time I was ovulating and I knew it. He didn't actually c_m inside of me but close around my va___a and I was told you can get pregnant off of prec_m. I'm just been a little nervous. I feel bloated, tired and just moody somedays. I normally don't feel concerned but on this one I need someone's help. So can you help me?


Grandpa Viv - July 18

If I may paraphrase, you had penetrative s_x during your fertile window, and he said he pulled out in time, but only just? If you started to feel fatigue, bloating and emotional about a week later, you may have a problem. Best to test 3 weeks after the incident, first pee in the morning. Check http://www.ppowb.org/gv/ for more. Good luck!


jessi - July 18

i'd be worried i kinda had the same incident happen to me so i am also really scared


Candie - July 21

Okay today, I started some white discharge when I went to use the restroom is this part of pregnanct or not? I have 6 until my next period.


Candie - July 26

I'm still waiting I have 1 day until my period Im just ready to find out.


jaime - July 27

its hard waiting to find out isnt it? i just recently found out i was preg. 4 months. im only 17. its not such a scary thing once ur family knows. but im getting ready for the hard time ahead of me when the baby comes.


sam - July 27

My boyfriend and I had s_x one night with a condom of course. I could feel some pops of the condom in my v____a. I didn't know what it was. My boyfriend could feel some on his p___s. After the s_x we looked at the condom and we could see the tiniest holes ever. Can I become pregnant?


Candie - July 27

Sam~ If you were in your fertile days (9-16) after your period there is a high chance you are,I would wait around until your missed period and then take a pregnancy test. Good Luck! ( For me no it is now July 27, the day my period was suppose to come and its not here yet it's strange how it is not here on time when I keep up with it every month and have been for the past year. Well I hope for the best! Oh yeah I took a cheap pregnancy test today and it showed up negative I still think I should wait atleast another week to take one.


Grandpa Viv - July 27

Candie, a clear or creamy discharge often described by women here as "lotion" and "wet down there" is a common early sign. Your decision on when to test is good. Don't forget the prenatal vitamins. Good luck!


Candie - July 28

Granpa Viv, The discription about the clear creamy discharge is what I have. I has been going on for about 2 weeks now. I haven't started yet, no signs or anything. Not to be nasty but when it dries in my panties it looks white. So could this be a sign to? I need all the advice right now. ;)


Candie - July 28

Earlier I thought I started my period it wasn't much blood. When I went to the restroom it was some blood, and brownish color. I was just curious about this? Could I still be pregnant. I don't know if this is my period because I am 2 days late and I normaly bleed alot.


Kim - July 28

It could be the start of your period, or it could be implantation bleeding. Do your periods normally start out that way? I would just wait it out and see if you have a normal period or not.


Candie - July 28

My periods never start out like that they start during the night and early morning. I start out bleeding alot. They never start out like this. But I will keep you updated.


Kim - July 28

Just try to relax and see what happens. My periods were very regular and consistent for years and just the past 2 cycles they have changed on me. Starting out the same as you are describing and being shorter than normal. Remember you are young and your body is still growing and changing, so just try to take it easy till you know for sure whats going on.


Candie - July 28

Thanks for the reponses im going to relax and see what happens. Thanks Kim!


Kim - July 28

By the way have you by chance taken a test yet? If you dont get your "normal" period by tomorow, you should probably take one. Good Luck!


Candie - July 28

Kim~ I did take a HPT it showed up negative. I don't know what to think really if I keep feeling strang and not sure about this i am going to get blood work and see what they come up with.



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