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justagirl - September 8

If I finished my period on the 30th of August and had s_x on the 4th of September (unproteced/stupid i know) then on the 5th I just started ovulating... is that a good sign or bad, what are the chances of me being pregnant?


J - September 6

If the s_x was unprotected there is a VERY high chance that you will be pregnant. You will need to wait and see if your next period arrives, if it doesn't arrive, do a test. If it does arrive, think yourself lucky and make sure you are fully protected if you plan on having regular s_x in the future. Always use condoms and go on birth control. You may want to get a test dne for STD's as well, to make sure you are safe.


justagirl - September 6

thank you J... i really do hope that i'm lucky...


Viv - September 6

Day 11 of the cycle is pretty high risk. The chances of you being pregnant are about 1 in 4. How do you know you started ovulating? Did you take an ovulation test, or do you know your signs? Anyhow, today is only the 6th. If you get a prescription for PLAN B first thing in the morning, it will reduce the risk 75%. Implantation in the uterus is not for another week. Call 1-800-230-PLAN for Planned Parenthood nearest clinic. Let us know how it turns out.


justagirl - September 6

Hi Viv... i know i just started ovulating because i know my cycle already... it last to about 2 weeks, started on the 5th hope to end by around the 19th... i know my period cycles too... always start between the 23 and 27 of each month... i have it all on my calendar... i went to the hospital to get the ECPs but they said i'd have to wait 3 hours to see a doctor and get only a perscription, then i'd have to wait 2 more days to get the pills... so by then its too late, and the Planned Parenthoods are both closed... so now I have to wait it out i guess... till Wensday, i'm going to take a pregnancy test and I guess i'll see wut happens... We had unprotected s_x for about 3-4 mins, he didnt c_m at all, but i know he precame... and i know the dangers of that so i'm just... no... we're just going to have to wait till wensday... but Viv... could you please tell me when you think my most Fertile days are? If i started ovulating the day after we had s_x... is that good or bad? plz... and thank you for being so great Viv, i appreciate your help so much...


Viv - September 7

I think you are confused by the term "cycle". It is from the beginning of one menstruation to the beginning of the next. It sounds as though you have an average of 30 day cycle, plus or minus two days. You ovulate 14 days before menstruation, or on one of the days between the 9th and the 13th. Sperm can survive in your reproductive tract for 5 days. So s_x on the 4th is just inside your fertile window, a__suming you are going to ovulate early this month. If you are going to ovulate late, the chances of pregnancy go down rapidly. The EC only claims to be effective if taken within 72 hours, but since we are pretty sure you have not ovulated yet, it might be worth taking anyway. Go to http://www.ppowb.org/fertility.htm for signs of ovulation. If you want to talk some more you can mail [email protected]


justagirl - September 8

Well Viv, hi it's me... I took the PGtest today in the morning and well it came out negative... i'm so glad... i went to my boyfriends house in the morning to pick him up for school because his truck broke down(that why we couldnt go to planned parenthood after school) and i told him and showed him the test. We're both very happy... i'm going to buy another in about a few days, just to be sure but i know everything is ok... and BTW we're going to buy condoms so you dont have to worry... we both learned our lesson... Thank you so much Viv, it was so great of you to help me... buh bye... with love, justagirl (Mia)


Viv - September 8

Justagirl, you took that pregnancy test way too early. Don't count on it yet. If you got spermed on the 4th, it is still in there waiting for an egg to break loose. If you ovulate in the next two days, you could still get pregnant. You wouldn't know it until a week to 10 days later. Wait until you miss your period before taking the test again. Go to my page http://www.ppowb.org/fertility.htm to see how to tell what day you are ovulating.



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