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/// - July 18

The last time i had my period was june 18 and me and my boyfriend had unprotected s_x the june 25 & 26, he said that he felt something come out, weve had unprotected s_x after that also. i have been having a brown discharge since july 8 and i wnt to know what you think about that???Do you think i might be pregnant and if not what do you think it is?


Grandpa Viv - July 18

If you have a 28 day cycle you would have ovulated July 2nd. Unprotected s_x any time from June 28 to July 3 could have resulted in conception. In this case implantation would start about July 7th. Pink or brown spotting is how this is normally described, and it can go on for a couple of days or more than a week. At the same time many women would experience other early signs like fatigue, more peeing, upset gut, unusually emotionality and b___b changes. If your period due today is not normal, you should take a home preg test first pee next Sat a.m. http://www.ppowb.org/gv/signs.htm for more. Good luck!


hopeful... - July 18

I agree with Grandpa Viv. It sounds like you are pregnant. Are you ok with that?


/// - July 18

Thank you!! If i am pregnant, i am ok with it i mean i would prefer if i wasnt but if i am i would be extremely happy to know that i have my little angel inside of me


/// - July 25

I had the discharge from july 8 to july 19 and then on the 20th i think i got my period but it wasnt normal it was brown and for only 3 days and yesterday my boyfriend spermed in me. Could i be pregnant or what do you think it is???


/// - July 26

please answer me


jhgb - July 26



Grandpa Viv - July 26

So did you take the home test last Saturday as suggested? You don't list any early signs of pregnancy other than a weird period, so it's har to know. However, you will surely be pregnant within six months unless you start using protection. Good luck!


/// - July 27

No i didnt take the pregnancy test on saturday because i still had more of the discharge.Right now i have just been gagging out of nowhere, my b___st dont hurt at all though


gf - July 28



lkl - July 30



- July 31

I'd really consider taking a test just to be sure! At least then you'll know for sure.


fdghj - August 1




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