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kir - February 8

I'm 16 and 5 weeks pregnant... I've gone to the doctor and everything, but haven't told my aunt, who i live with. My boyfriend hasn't told his parents either. I'm so scared, and i don't know what to do. Part of me wants to keep the baby, it feels like there's a miracle inside of me. I just keep wondering if he or she will have curly hair like me... or brown eyes like thier dad. I'm so confused. Another part of me doesn't want the baby. Help me.


Krista - February 9

Well, I am 17 and 8 months pregnant! I kno wut u are going through its the hardest thing to tell you guardians! I think u should keep it, or atleast give it up for an Adoption! I dunt believe in abortions and i hope u feel the same! I am still wondering the same things you are, what my daughter will look like! but if u think you can do it, then keep the baby! If u cant do what u think is best! What does your boyfriend think about it? and how old is he? If u wunt to tell me more things please e-mail me at [email protected]! I really hope to hear from you! Good luck!


cheryl - February 9

email me [email protected] I would love to offer you some support through this time in your life.


kir - February 9

i would like to thank you guys for your support, it really means a lot. i had no idea that there were so many girls who were going through the same thing.


cheryl - February 9

Your welcome. Anytime. You said a part of you does not want the baby. If abortion even crosses your mind you need to look at this site www.mttu.com/abort-pics/ If you decide on adoption http;//www.geocities.com/bctraveler2000/child.html If you decide to parent I wish you the best and you can email any time you need to talk [email protected]


ally - February 11

hey, im so happy for you. im 15 and am pretty sure im pregnant. i havent told my parents, because they will throw me out. but i cant have an abortion because i think of my baby as a baby not a 'thing' and i know i wouldnt be able to live with myself. i dont knowif i want it either.. cos it will wreck my life.. i have to drop school and get a job and my boyfriend doesnt want one, but then when i really think about it, i love the idea. the best thing about being so young is that when he or she grows up a bit i would really be able to relate to them , because we wont have such a gap in age.. im excited for you, even though you have alot more to go through until your life will be smooth again, but it will happen. just think about how great it will be when people get over the shock.


KEEP IT - February 11

keep it its ur silly fault


Jen - February 11

Take your time you have time to decide..don't stress over it. Sounds to me that you just need to get used to the idea that your life will change, keep it!


Jerrica39140 - February 12

Hi, Kir. Keep the baby no matter what it looks like, And yes it is a miracle from God. Everything will be okay just beleive in him and he will take care of it. You really need to tell you aunt so she can get you some help.


mini - February 12

mama.. im sure that there are so many people out there that are willing to help u so u can keep that baby!!! but what ever u do dont abort it..please..i was an outcome of a rape and i was supposed to be aborted.. if someone didnt help support my mother i wouldnt have been born and now im 18 years old and i know ive changed some peoples lives.. keep your head up please....


Cheryl - February 12

Hi kir, Hope you are doing well. Have you talked to your aunt and your boyfriends parents yet? Just wondering.


salie - February 13

kir, i know what your going is hard. it is you and your bf descion to keep the baby. you can email me at [email protected] or if you have msn messenger you can add me (sign in name is [email protected]). feel free to either add me/ email me. hope i can help. i can be a great friend.


Kir - February 19

I decided to keep my baby. And surprisingly... I'm not 5 weeks... I went in for a check up with my doctor and I am now 15 weeks! My boyfriend hasn't told his parents yet, but I've told my aunt and uncle. I'm just scared about my future now, expecially because I'm now responsible for another future!


sharon - February 23

to kir: i know how you feel, i got pregnant at 16 after contraception failed, and i had an abortion, i didn't think i could face telling my dad who i lived with, and now i am nearly 22 i have a 6 month old daughter who i absolutely adore, and i think about the abortion all the time.i was still scared af telling my dad when i was 21 and pregnant but i did and he just had to accept it which he has and is really happy for me. i am with the same man i was who's baby i aborted and we sometimes talk about it, and half the time i regret it. but despite what all the judgemental people out there say i did it because that baby would prob not of had a very good life, i doubt the father and me would of stayed together, and i was bit messed up then.#now we have a home, car he works and earns good money and our daughter seems very happy. I'm not saying you must keep your baby but whatever situation your in you can do it, and you will love your baby so much, but if you do decide to terminate and you need any advice or to talk e mail me on [email protected] good luck in your decision, and follow your heart not what people tell you is right.


Audrey - February 23

It's normal to feel confused about having a baby, but if you have the support of your boyfriend and family it helps. You should think about taking pre-natal vitamins containing folic acid, and be careful about what you eat. Best of luck.


gabby - February 28

i need help too! i dont know if im pregnant! b/c i had a d____o and idk if it had sperm on it and it didnt get through...but im just worried....email me [email protected]


becca - March 1

gabby i wouldnt worry love if it was a d____o it dosent produce sperm



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