I Need Urgent Advice About My Pregnant Sister

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Debbie - August 19

I'm a 32 year old woman, I have 3 beautiful children and I am very much against abortion. I was brought up that way and I also believe you should have to face up to your mistakes, not brush them under the carpet. Anyway, my half sister who is 17 has just come to me and asked me to pay for her to get an abortion as she has just found out she is 8 weeks pregnant. She says that time is running too short to have it done on the NHS so she wants to get it over and done with straight away, using my money. I'm completely torn. Paying for my sister to have an abortion is going against everything I believe in! Should I refuse? Surely she can still get it done on the NHS right? I just can't believe how flippant she is being about it and when I asked her why she didn't use protection she said she didn't like condoms because they get in the way.


brucen - August 17

No you shouldn't pray for something you don't believe in or even give money for the cause. I see why you are torn because you want to help your sister, but why sacrifice your principles to do so? Your'e in a tough spot, it'easy for me to say what I would or wouldn't do. Maybe you should pray about what you should do instead.


Shorty - August 18

Deb, I think that you should support your sister, emotionally no matter what decision she makes, but there is no way I would pay for her to get an abortion if it was me. You seem very much against it and it would go against everything you believe in. Even though she is your little sister, shes 17, and she should have known to use protection, you don't need to wear this. If she wants to cover this up with an abortion, she needs to pay for it, not her innocent sister.


Ashley - August 19

No, you shouldn't pay for it. If you paid for this abortion think how mad your parents would be at you. If she wants an abortion she should go through her parents and not put you in the middle of it. Because in the end if they found out they would think you went behind their backs to help her hide her stupidity. No offense to your sister, but she should have more common sense than this.


Debbie - August 19

Hey thanks everyone. I told my sister that I wouldn't pay for her to have an abortion and that I do not agree with it, but also that I would be there for her if she wants to talk. I tried to persuade her to think about what she is doing, I said that abortion isn't a walk in the park, it would be with her for the rest of her life and it could potentially stop her having any children. She got stroppy and walked off. Quite typical really! I'm waiting to see what she does now. There's nothing more I can really do. Should I tell her mum (we don't have the same mum)?



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