I Need You To Help Me Think Right

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gn - August 17

Im 5 and so is my boyfriend, we have been together for 2 years and 4 months. we have thought ive been pregnant before even though we used a condom most of the time but thank god i wasnt and i know for sure that im not pregnant now cause i got my period today.the thing is that (im not sure how to explain it) i know we are too young to have a baby, i know were not ready,we havent finished school, we dont have our own place and my boyfriend feels then same way i mean he can burly pay his cell phone bill. He does work he has his own cell phone accesory store with his uncle i know that we are still not ready but i dont know like sometimes i feel like having a baby even though i know its going to be hard, i want to finish school and then go to a fashion designing school so i think to myself "no i dont want a baby right now" but then i still have in the back of my head that i do and i dont want to feel this way anymore. my boyfriend says that if we are still together we should wait like 10 years and i know that hes completely right and then i also think to myself its only me and my mom (she would support me,she knows everything,when i have thought that ive been pregnant before she is the first person that my boyfriend and i go to) i know it would be hard for my mom too.Anyways what i want if for the girls who are or have been teen moms to tell me straight out how it is to be a young mom because i dont want to feel like i want a baby. oh and i never go out like with friends to parties or anything so its not like if im gonna miss going out with my friends cause i dont. i feel like i sound stupid telling you to help me change my mind


gn - August 17



Evanna - August 17

Lol I knew wat u meant. about 6 weeks pregnant right now and i know that i made a mistake n having s_x w/ out a condom etc. etc. but N a way I feel like i really wanna keep this baby even tho i kno i cant but yea ur not crazy stop thinking U are lol..Me and my boyfriend are n love also we've been together scince i was 13 and be4 i got pregnant i was always thinking n the bak of my mind i wanna get pregnant and have a baby i have no idea Y..It's just somthing N ur brain i think **shrugzz** Now that i'm pregnant tho i can't really understand how i had those types of thought's. So wen u think about thing's like that Just try and persuade yourself that U have a career ahead of U and wen the time is right ur going 2 have a beautiful baby w/ ur now bf will probly end up being Ur husband. I know this is a bit of topic but i often think 2 myself god blessed me w/ a baby does that mean i'm meant 2 keep it or give it up..Don't mind me lol i'm just n a state of confusion..But yea if u wanna talk at all My Yahoo SN is curvacii0us..Good luck


Steph - August 17

I think that it is natural for teens to want to have children. Hormones affect how you start to think about your lives and almost shoot you into thinking adults. You truly should not get pregnant at such a young age. Try and busy yourself with school, hanging out with friends, movies, that kind of stuff and eventually your feelings towards wanting a baby will subside. I had the same feelings when I was your age and thought that I could actually have a child. I am glad that I didn't because of course I am not with the boyfriend that I "thought" I loved so deeply. A lot of growing up takes place in your teen years. You should certianly focus on going away to college, living in the dorms, having fun, and setting up for your life and THEN think about having a baby....You also at this point in your life are truly unable to care for a child by yourself, financially and emotionally. Enjoy being a teenager, because you are not going to be one for long!!!


l[; - August 18



mommy liz - August 18

Girl! Let me tell you I was in the same position that you were! I started seeing a great guy when I was 14 and yes, we too were active. I can tell you now that you will start having more fun in your life, with your boy friend, ect. If your caring mother takes you to a gyn to get perminant birth control. Then all of the worrying about am I pregnant, am I not can just go away and you can start living! I did the same thing - and let me tell you all the cast that I spent on hoe preg. tests it's sick to think. Anyway. I am now in my late 20's. I am married and have 2 children. I think I should have waited and I was 25 with my first. Still too young. I was mature like you at 15 and I really thought the same thing. "I'm happy now and my life isn't going to be too much more exciting" well it can be! How about when you get your drivers license - it will change then. Then again when you can go to college, or off to work. Then again when you turn 21! THAT is the BEST! Let me tell you. So I hope that you and your boyfriend can be very careful and wait. :)


nicole - August 18

evenna...so what are you going to do now since you said that you cant keep it???


cf - August 19



Shannon - August 19

I had my daughter at 16. I was w/ my b/f for 3 1/2 years, we wanted children after our 2nd year of college. I got preg. and he bailed. I had him terminate his rights so he could not come take her. I stayed up many nights with her. She had RSV. It affected her lungs. All I could do is pray. Do yourself, your b/f your mom and your babys future a favor, and wait.


karine - August 20

you should wait. i had my "planned" daughter at 19. and it was very hard. And time consuming, and me and my husband dont get to go out that much anymore. If you feel so strongly about a baby, put an add....in the cla__sifieds and be a babysitter. of course take the course. and do that for a while. youll see how it really is. even take your BF along to babysite and he will also see what it is like. but no matter what you do, take your time. a baby is no rush. i regret not being able to go to college and have a little but if time with my husband to travel and do outings.



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