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shauna - October 28

i am a teen who has a son and i am doing a project concerning how teen preg is effected by society can some of you help me out by giving your remarks about how youve been treated


K - October 28

I'm 18 and pregnant.. and I don't really think it is that young.. I am done school, still wiht my bf, we have jobs and money and although this is not planned we are doing a lot better than some ppl.. And I get ppl (mostly teenagers) saying things like "ohh you're pregnant? I'm sorry"I do not feel sorry for myself I love this baby, why should they be sorry.. Some ppl even have the nerve to ask me why I didn't get an abortion when it is obviously a personal choice.


k - October 28

Also when I was still in school everywhere I went I saw/heard girls whispering..Like no one could mind their own business.


jone - October 29

people sayt hings like im ruining my life and i dont think i am i love my baby very much and would never change what i did you can see people looking or whispering about you i had this one old lady come up to me once and put her hand on my stomach and say omg i can't believe what you did they get younger and younger don't they. i took this very offensively. i ams not that young i am 16


E - October 29

As a 31 yr old woman, I see the same pregnant teen on the subway everyday, I look at her and she notices me staring. The reason I do so is b/c she has the most beautiful and well behaved baby. I can tell that she loves her and tries her best. I am sure she thinks I am staring to be critical but that is not the case. Teens should not be so sure that everyone is against them.


E - October 29

Obviously she is no longer pregnant. Sorry for the mistake. Her baby is around 4 or 5 months.


Michaela - October 31

When,I was 13 I went to live with my mom in South Carolina and I got pregnant.I told my best friend in Louisiana and she told her other friend Samantha that went to my school.Samantha,spread things around saying I was pregnant and stuff like that.My mother made me have an abortion.After,that I went back to live with my dad and when I went back to school I got called a s___t,whore, a pregnant b**ch things like that.I couldn't tell them what really happened because they didnt wanna listen.It hurt so bad!


Whitney - October 31

I am 17 now , I was pregnant at the age of 16, of course it was not planned, but i moved in with my boyfriend after my parents kicked me out. we loved each other and his parents supported us. He lived on his own.(he was 21 at the time) Unfortunately I had a miscarriage during my pregnancy. People found out and they actually sent cards telling me that they were happy for me..i don't know if they did this to be hurtful, but if so it was so awful to know that people were happy that my baby had died.


Jennie - October 31

I'm 19 and 4 months pregnant. My boyfriend is 20 and we've been together for 5 years, and living together for the last year and a bit. I have already finished school and have a steady job (when the baby is born, I will go on maternity leave) and my boyfriend is going to be done college in September. We have an advantage over most teen parents that way, but I think that you should definitly include that in your project. Young people are much better off now then they were even five years ago. And although teen pregnancy is still an issue, it's not as bad at is was!!


shauna - December 8

thank ou for all your help on my project all your input was helpfull



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