I Only Went Out With Him Because He Had A Car And Now I M Pregnant

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horrified - July 21

ok. i only went out with him because 1. he had a car, and 2. my dad hated him.i didn't like him. he was annoying, and immature. i know i was stupid. i don't need anyone to tell me that. i made it obvious to my dad that i was having s_x, just to make him mad. well, as soon as i got my permit, i dumped him, 3 weeks later, i found out i was pregnant. i was so not planning on having his baby. when, i dumped him, my dad and i became closer, and we started to understand each other better. we were never really close and i dont want to ruin that. but when he finds out im pregnant, he's going to be really upset. i stopped smoking, and drinking, and even hanging out with my wild friends when i found out i was pregnant. i know that my ex will not care for his child. what do i do?


shana - July 16

i guess it was a little tempting to go out with him because he had a nice car, but i really don't think you had to have s_x with him for that reason.


SaRaH - July 16

I think that u should be honest with him and ur father! Things happen for a reason and it is obvious that u learned ur lesson about using people! Maybe he just used u for s_xand not look at the things that have come from selfishness!! I am NOT being ugly I want u to understand that u made a mistake and I hope that u learned from it!! GOD BLESS U & i hope both of them are understanding!! good luck


kay - July 16

you'll figure something out.


steph - July 17

well you're going to have to tell your father.tell the guy you're pregnant with his baby.he needs to know.hopefully he'll accept it soon but if he doesn't get him for child support and let them know about his car they'll repo it and they can even suspend his license if he refuses to get a job and pay.


LilMamma - July 21

Well, you need to for sure tell your dad. You probably think that all hell will break loose, but the longer you wait, the worse things will be between you two. Your dad will still love you no matter what, and he'll be there for you. And if your ex/boyfriend doesn't want to take care of the kid, then that just proves he's not a man, and that little "boy" has a lot of growing up to do.



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