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Girl From Another Side Of The World - May 10

I am a 16 yo girl... literally I'm an exchange student from other country and so is my boyfriend. We had s_x kinda often ( protection and unprotection ) My period is few days late now and I'm really really nervous that I might be pregnant. If I'm pregnant I really don't know what to do or whom I am going to turn to. First ,I have like 1 month and a half left to stay in America.. if I tell my hostfamily that I'm pregnant I'll be sent back home and that's the worst 2nd If I'm pregnant .. how am I going to tell my real parents back home? Should I discuss this with my boyfriend and find a solution to this mess and then e-mail them what happened and how we are going to do? 3rd. He is also going back home in 1 month and a half too .. what do I do with that??? It is so difficult... Plus .. my mom and dad are going to be very disappointed .. I know how they always want the best for me ... As they sent me here and they did a lot of things for my future.. I just don't want them to think " we sent you to America to study not to have a baby " What am I going to do!?


Becki - May 10

Hiya thats a big mess you've got yourself into, however I feel your answering some of your own questions for yourself, which I thin is a good start! Start by taking a pregnancy test, if your not pregnant thats great, however if you are speak to your boyfriend straight away, if he loves you he'll stay by your side no matter what you decide to do! If your pregnant - Your options are - 1. Keep the baby 2. Adoption, I don't believe abortion is an opition just murder, but thats me. Next I'd call your parents and talk to them and explain the situation. My parents were very dissapointed in me when they found out I was pregnant, as they hoped I was going to get a good career and go to university, now that hasnt happened. Although I made a big mistake my family still loves me and I'm sure yours will to. Just take a pregnancy test asap, and then take it from there. Hope I've been of some help, take care.


Grandpa Viv - May 10

Take a test next Saturday morning first pee. Many pregnant women would have had early signs of pregnancy for a week or ten days already, and I don't hear you telling of that. There's a fair chance that you are not pg. If you are, you could extend your visa, find another host family, and give the baby for adoption. The only people back home who would know would be those you choose to tell. Mail [email protected] if you want more help with this.



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