I Really Need To Know Seriously

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can't say - October 10

ok i'm 18 just 2 let yall know on Sept 2nd i saw blood it was just on and off then the next day came and my cycle showed up went off on the 9th anyways me and my bf had s_x on the 20th of Sept he claim he came in me( and i barely felt it) i think he lied to freak me out!!! now on the 26 and 27th we did it again and he used the pulled out method but once we do it once we do it like 2 more times.Then my cycle showed up on my B-day on the 30th and went off on the 4th of Oct. last week while i was at work i felt like i wanted to throw up!!! (but can't just alittle gagging every now and then and me working at subway food was making me sicker just to even look at or smell it i got over heated like i was going to pass out and then i began getting these stomach pains and it wouldn't stop 4 awhile. Now today is Monday the same feeling came back(and i'm noticing i only feels this way in the mornings)everynow and then i couldn't even eat i had to step outside to get fresh air my stomach was still hurting what could this be ?


- October 11

Could be pregnant. Could be a bug. Take a test and find out. That will give you a definate answer


can't say same girl - October 11

ok i took a test today and it was neg i don't understand my mom told me its probably best 4 me to let the doc take a blood test cause thats how my oldest sister was she had mostly throwing up symptoms when she was 16 couldn't keep nothing down (thing is she seen her period)took a pregnancy tests cause she was still feeling the same and all of them said neg. she went to the doctor and did a blood test and she found out she was pregnant( the doc told her most girls urine don't show up accurate on preg. test it was best that she came in so i'm thinking was it to early for me to take one? or should i do like my sister did?


amber - October 11

can i be preg but i never had s_x but he was just close to my.... but not inside at all, n not ejaculating?? please let me know


can't say - October 11

amber no sweetie he had to be in you or probably close to your v____a


amber - October 12

thanks soooo much cant say i really appreicate it u made me feel much better.


can't say - October 12

your welcome Amber


amber - October 12

but "cant say" whats wrong then if i had my period then it was brown for 2 days then went back to normal


Can't say - October 12

ok r u sure he didn't put it in half way just a little? most female body is made different go to yahoo and just type in the same question u ask me about the brown because i know they said some girls will show brown and then light pink u should take a test here is my e-mail 2 keep intouch [email protected]


amber - October 16

cant say he didnt put it in at all? so could it just be my period acting up


asdf - October 17

If you're not pregnant then it is probably a bug going around. I had the same thing last week, where I was so sick and the sight of food made me want to puke.



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