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hope - September 20

Hi I am 13 and I am new on this web site and thought i would ask a question. I am 9 weeks pregnant with my brothers best friends baby and i don't know how to tell him and my parents. I know my brother is going to be p___sed and so will my parents. I don't know what to do and i really would apprecate any help. If you would like to email me my screenname is: [email protected]


Abby - September 20

Write a letter. Give it to your parents before you leave for school. They will have the day to vent and then you can all talk about it when you get home in the afternoon. Writing is the easiest way to communicate your feelings. Hope I helped. If you have any other questions, you can e-mail me at [email protected]


blonde girl - September 20

Hey Hope, I think a letter would be the right thing to do. That way you can make yourself clear on your feelings and, as Abby says, they will have the day to think it over. i know you will be so scared that whole day but remember this: it is only one day in your whole life. You have the rest of your life ahead of you and you will come through this and learn from it and you will be okay. It probably does not feel like that at the moment but I prmoise you will be alright. Your parents will be upset so will no doubt go through the roof at first but this is natural and will be a scary time for them too. Let your parents react and give them plenty of time to get used to the idea. I take it you are keeping your baby as you have not said otherwise. Make sure you are getting proper care for you and your baby as the first 12 weeks are a high risk time, you are nearly there though so I'm sure you will both be okay. Have you spoken to the father of your child? Perhaps you could tell your brother first and he could help you tell your parents? Also, the father of your baby could help you tell your brother as well. The longer you wait to tell your family the more stressed you will be. Stress is not good for your baby or yourself. Once your family know about this they can start adjusting to the situation and start helping you. One last thing, make sure you have decided in your own head what you plan to do once your child is born (i.e your education, child care, money etc). If your family see that you have thought about this seriously as somebody who is willing to take responsibility and be a parent then it will be better for all of you. Just make sure you have told the father as he does have a right to know- this will be his child too. Ultimately though, the decision is yours so remember this and be strong. I wish you all the luck in the world honey, take care, xxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxx


hope - September 21

thank you guys so so much. you all are really sweet and thank you for not judging me. I have told the father and he is alittle scared of what my bro might do. I have yet to tell my parent so we are going to tell his parents first. I will be learning the s_x of my baby really soon and im so excited. Please keep posting or email me. thanks alot


hope - September 22

well i told my parents yesterday and they were upset. my mom has been crying alot which is understandable. but they are behind me 100 percent. tommorow i am going to know what im having. and my parents are going to let me keep my baby.


me - September 22

Hey Hope: You are doing the right thing. Keep your baby. It will not be easy. Take all the advice and help from your parents. And Thank them every day for not making you give up your baby. Remember there will be times when it does get rough, take a deep breath and count to ten. Good luck and congrats.


Tam - September 22

I would seek out a professional counsellor in your area to help you make the decision about your pregnancy. You will get plenty of opinions here, but probably not the best place for a girl your age to get professional help. Maybe you could make an appointment with your doctor and get him/her to help tell your parents about the pregnancy. I hope your parents don't freak out too much about it, they are going to be very angry at first, but they need to be supportive so that you can make the best decision about what to do from here


- September 23

have u thought about adoption, at 13 i dont think i could have taken care of a baby, how are you going to do it? keep us updated


hope - September 23

hey guys i dont think i could give my baby up for adoption. now that everyone in my family and my babys dad family know we have disscused what we will do about the baby. we are not going to have any troubles with money or anythang but my parents are going to make me go to a school where there are pregnant girls. when i get home this afternoon from the docter i will let yall know what im having.


hope - September 23

i am having a girl i am so happy. help me pick out names please


Vickie - September 24

i really feel sorry for the girls who do this kinda thing for attention...hope u need some help before u actually get yourself pregnant cos its a horrible cycle, ull wonder what its actually like to have a baby or be pregnant so ull get urself pregnant then there is someone else in the equation...a baby. get sum help or talk tour parents plz! xxx


me - September 24

to the b___hes who think im liying go to hell because they have a 3d ultrasound now so you can get the s_x of your baby earlyer.


Lauren - September 24

Even with a 3D ultrasound, the s_x can still not be determined until 14-16 weeks after conception (when you are 16-18 weeks along). At 9 weeks the fetus is only the size of a grape, so there is NO way to tell the s_x of the fetus.


hope - September 24

to the people that i called b___hes i am really sry i was taotally wrong am i am truely sry


hope - September 25

no i was not lying why would i be so low to lie about something so serous. sry guys but im not one of those girls lying for attion.


Scared - September 25

If I were you, I would tell your parents soon, the sooner the better. Remember, your parents love you and if they are angry it is only because they want what is best for you. If the father can be there, it would probably be best. Try organizing your thoughts on paper first. Good luck


OMG!!!!!!!!! - September 25

U still say you are not liying. YOU CANNOT FIND OUT THE s_x OF YOUR BABY AT 9 WEEKS! IN NO WAY CAN YOU FIND OUT AT 9 WEEKS. SO YES YOU ARE LYING. F U U U U C K ! Damn girl just admit u been caught out



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