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|E| - December 3

ohk Im 12 years old and I had s_x with my b.f fo' the third time on nov. 11 (we use'd protection) I usually get my period on the tenth nd in oct. I got it twice, on the tenth and the 31st since I got it on the 31 and that was so close to nov. I thought that was why I didnt get my period on nov. 10th well its been a couple weeks since I've had s_x and I've had cramps (which I usually only get when I have my period) Im tire'd more I seem to be eat'n more and I've been throwing up in the moring I couldnt wait to see if I would get my period next week so I bout a hpt (the ept) on the box it said I should wait til I actually miss my period to take it but I didnt and the test came out negative which I think is wrong since I took it so early...do you guys think there's a possibility im pregnant plz help me


|E| - December 3

if you think you can help me you can i.m on aim at daymishelmo


Krista - December 3

Well, just wait a week, and then see what happens and then let us know or e-mail me [email protected] and if u need to talk just e-mail me also! ok Good luck, and stop worrying!


cm - December 3

Why are 12 year olds having s_x!?!?!?!!? If the consequences terrify you, please dont do it then!


Shelly - December 3

Wait and take a test again after you have missed your period. If you're too tense to wait that long, have a blood test done. Blood tests are acurate much sooner than urine tests. You can email me at [email protected] if you want to talk more or let me know how things are going.


karina - December 4

sounds like you've got some pregnancy symptoms but they could be related to other health reasons too. like the others said wait a week and then test, for a more accurate answer. my husband and i are trying for a baby, and i have to wait till the 10th too to test, i know it seems to take forever but hang in there itll come soon and youll find out if you are or not, and if you are then you can start deciding if keeping the baby or putting it up for adoption is best for you/your family. if you have any questions or just want someone to talk to you can im me on aim @ hndmadentheshade


T - December 4

E - Do a pregnancy test now or in two weeks time. If its positive contact your doctor to have it confirmed. Make sure you read the instructions completely. Good luck and try not to worry. But do a test as soon as possible.


|E| - December 7

well im not so sure that im preg. any mo' cause I juz got my period on the 4 ( 6 dayz earlier than usual) could that still mean im preg. do you guyz think I should still wait and test on the 10 or not?



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