I Said No To Condum Now I M Pregnant

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Cathy - August 28

Im almost 15 and about 5 weeks pregnant. I did a home test and it was positive about 3 weeks ago. So I'm about 5 weeks. I started having s_x with this cute guy next door after school got out. He gets home from work about 10 - 15 minutes after my mom goes to work and I was home all day. I flirted with him for a week or so he invited me in for breakfast and about a week later I ask to go to bed with him. He offered to wear a condom but I told him it was first time but that I had taken care of the birth control issues. How do I tell everyone that I am pregnant. Mom will be really disappointed in me as she had me when she was 16 and I don't want to get my lover in trouble. I won't have an abortion. Can they force me to tell who the father is? Please I need some serious answers


SMH - August 28

What is wrong with you? Why did u lie and say that u took care of the birth control issues when in fact, u didn't?


hi - August 28

Cathy, the father of the baby will be very upset with you. You lied to him and now you are lying to your mother. The more you lie. The more lies you will have to tell. Your lies will only make your life harder. Tell your mom the truth. Your child need to know who his or her father is. It is the best thing to do. Take care


Shannon - August 28

How old is this "cute" guy? I'm sorry but you'll just have to tell your mom and should tell the father. You did lie, and that's your own fault, did you plan this? It won't be easy, but I did it at 16, so can you. Good luck


Jamie - August 28

You should tell you're Mom who the father is.You're Mom had you when you were young so she would understand where you're coming from,of course she'd be disappointed but that will go away.I'm glad you wont have an abortion.You said you took care of the birth control issue...were you on the pill or what?What's done is done now.Did you tell the "cutie next door" that he's gonna be the father?



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