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OMG13 - June 14

I SKREWED UP.... i knew that the time frame of when i was encountering s_x, i was ovulating.. and when i recieved my AF.. It was barley there. I knew that there was a good chance of pregnacy. Well, i wrote my mom a letter stating that i could be a while ago, and hid it, and was going to give it to her when i found out for sure. Well, i am visiting my dad now, and my mom went threw my stuff and she found the letter... she approched my dad about it by a phone call and my dad approched me by it askign me if i have anything to hide and if i am indeed prego. I told him no but the thing is, is that i am pretty sure that i am. What should i do? Should i write a letter to him? or should i tell him " hey dad i think that i could be" i am verry nervous. PlEASE GIVE ME ADVICE


Coral - June 14

hey hunni .... i think you should just tell your dad that your not sure ....and you wrote the note to your mom .....and where going to give it to her in case...u where if you want someone to talk to ...add me to msn ... [email protected] im kinda in the same prolem as u but more..... look forward to talking to ya


so lost omg13 - June 14

hi coral... well yes i did write a letter to my mom.. it was a good letter explaning everything.... as the days go by, i get more and more ancy on wanting to know if i am or not... and also, the thought of being a mommy, is hitting me now( have been thinking that i am prego since the last of april).... i am watching everything that i do... it is very odd and very time telling. I want to tell my dad but i am actualy very nervous.... and also, my hubbie livs far away from me. I would like it, if we could tell them together... i am just so lost...


*expecting* - June 14

If you think you're pregnant u need to be taking a pregnancy test because if you are....u need to be seeing an OBGYN doctor asap because the first months are the most important for seeing a doctor.


Reba - June 15

You should see a Dr. or a Midwife before 16wks. Get a test sweetie and tell your Dad. I'm sure he will be understanding. Thinking of you


thankx - June 15

thankx for the advice...


Adriana - June 15

how about you wait till your sure things are all ready hard enough to add the pressure of parents. You know what else I hate when someone calls me preggo. It sounds like that sauce


to;omg13 - June 15

you say your hubbie lives far away from you? yet you claim to be 13? explain.......


sory - June 16

Im sory for the confusion....when i wrote this post, i was kind of in a rush so for the name, i just put anything... but for the confused people, i am FAR from 13.. sory for the confusion


jane - June 16

If your not pregnant now maybe you can be pregnant by the end of summer. All you need is a little sperm any male can provide it to you. Good luck


OMG13 - June 17



Sarah M. - June 17

If you are faaaarrr from 13... and you are married.. Why do you live with your mother? Just curious - this post is kind of confusing.


gosh dumb people - June 17

okay this is something that i do not get on this froum... and only THIS FOURM.... you shouldnt worry about where she lives...... or whos he lives with... blah blah blah...... the fakt is is that this lady is wantng advice on her situation.... not questiontioned on if shes married or not... or how old she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gosh people these days


nadno - June 17

my dog ate my iud.



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