I Smoke

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kay - November 9

i smoke about 15 ciggeretts a day, i hav recently found out that i am pregnant should i give up. what harm can it do 2 my baby. luv kay.xxx


ko - November 9

yes you should definitley stop smoking now Today!


Nana - November 9

Yes, its the best thing to do for your baby. Smoking during pregnancy can increase the risk of premature birth and can cause low birth weight. Your baby will be quite likely to develop breathing problems and it has happened before that the baby has been born addicted to nicotine, and withdrawal can be awful for the baby, just like any other drug withdrawal. Every time you smoke a cigarette it is in your blood which is pa__sed into the babys body. So every time you smoke the baby smokes too. There is also post-birth to consider too. If you are smoking around your baby after birth he/she will breathe in the smoke and the little lungs can't cope with that. My sister smoked through her first pregnancy and he was born with breathing problems. His throat was about 1/4 the size what it should be and he needed an operation. Listening to him struggling to breathe at night was awful and frightening and my sister became very depressed because she knew it was because of her smoking. Talk to your doctor first, they may be able to get you in touch with a clinic that offers support to quitting mums to be and they may be able to offer you NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy, patches etc) to help. If you tend to smoke more when you are stressed giving up may be more stressful and this can do the baby harm too. Have you been taking folic acid? If not start it for the first few weeks of pregnancy because this can help your baby become more healthy. You could also consider b___st-feeding as this contains antibodies the baby needs to help its immune system, which may be affected by your smoking. Please have a word with your doctor, they'll be able to advise you more accurately than I can. Good luck.


c - November 9

you should definetly give up smoking know cause you will have a premature baby or a still birth from what i been told


C.M. - November 9

Yes, please stop smoking. If not for you and your well being, than for your babys'. Smoking does a lot of terrible things to your baby and its been linked to causing ADD (attention deficit disorder) my friend smoked during her pregnancy and her son has ADD and she REALLY regrets it. I'm 16, pregnant and luckily I never started smoking. Also...my mother smoked when she was pregnant with me and as a result I had a breathing machine (very expensive) until I was 4, that I had to be put on for 2 hours a day, 30 minutes at a time. Right now, due to the fact that she continued smoking throughout my life I have severe asthma and chronic bronchitis. I hate her for it.



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