I Suspect That I Am Pregnant But

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SARAH - November 21

Okay so, my boyfriend and I had s_x once. He used a condom. Shortly afterwards I had my period, but it was unusually light. A week or so later, we fooled around, and he was unprotected. Although we didn't have s_x, there is still a high possibility that I could've gotten pregnant. Now, it has been about 5 weeks since this happened. After about 2 weeks, I came down with an unusual low temperature for about a week. The doctors ran tests for mono and stuff but couldn't come up with the cause. I've heard a low fever is a sign. Now, I have been feeling nauseated and vomiting ALOT this past week, my br___ts are overly sore and my nipples have started to darken slightly. My abdomen has a dull pain in it. I'm VERY sensitive to certain smells, like my friend was across the room today chewing watermelon gum, and I could smell it and was about to vomit. I've also had a lot of heartburn lately, which I never have. And I've had to pee more than usual. I never suspected that I may be pregnant until a couple of days ago when my boyfriend asked. I told my dad and stepmom, and they were almost sure that I was. So my dad bought me an E-P-T Test and I took it 2 days ago. It came out negative! I'm still having the signs, and I'm going to repeat the test in 2 days. I was supposed to have my period 4 days ago, and I'm never late. Although, at school today, I noticed some bleeding, but not like normal. So even if I do end up having ANOTHER light period, and the test comes out negative again, could I still be pregnant? I know stress has not caused these signs because I haven't been stressing about being pregnant, because I only started thinking about it a few days ago. I'm unsure about the accuracy of the HPT, because my stepmom told me that up until the day she was in labor, her HPT's said she wasn't pregnant. Many other women have told me that this has happened to them too. My boyfriend wants to help me and take care of the baby, but may be moving to Indiana soon. If I am pregnant, he won't move. I need to know now if I am, so he can know if to stay or not. But I don't know whether I can believe the HPT? Should I go to the doctor and get a blood test? Are those always right? Please help me, I'm beginning to freak out. The thought of me being pregnant scared me and still does, but I'm beginning to except the idea and am starting to sort of look forward to it, but I don't want to start thinking I am and then find out I'm not. What do you think? Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and please, share any information and/or advice that you have.


Angel - November 21

hey, i cant imagine how you feel just now but to be honest, you really should go back to the doctors. It's the only way you CAN know whats going on. No-one on this board can tell you if you are pregnant or not, only the doctor can make that decision for you! Good luck. And yes you do have a high risk if you had s_x half way through your cycle


angel* - November 21

ask for a blood test if u r pregnant it will pick it up hpt can only detect hcg(the baby hormone) from levels of 50-100 up a blood test will pick up a level of 5 good luck :)


Grandpa Viv - November 21

Hmm, those do sound like signs of pregnancy, but if that light bleed was implantation you are now almost 8 weeks (from LMP) and the chance of a negative test is relatively low. Maybe you fell pregnant after the second time. Take another test next weekend first pee, and repeat a week later if necessary. Sometimes it takes a while for the hCG to build up. If that does not answer your question, then you will have to go back to the doctor. Good luck!


AA - November 21

Well you do sound pregnant except for the low temp, usually after you concieve you temp will rise for about 18 days. Not dip. anyways blood tests are very accurate, I would go and do that as soon as you can. Why wait another week and stress the whole time. Good Luck.


Melanie - November 21

I don;'t think you are pregnant. Sometimes pregnancy symptoms can be psychosomatic. As in, it's all in your head girl!


mia - November 22

although we didnt have s_x was ur quote so how can ya be pregnant?



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