I Think I Am Preganat

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225 girl - March 17

i have had my period but it lasted about 2 in a half days then it went off my period uasally last at less 4 daysand i have been haveing really dad pains in my stomach i dont no what to do am i ready for this i am 18 teen and still in school and my boyfriend is 19 he is out of school he have a really good job are we ready


katie - March 17

ok wen did u hav ur last period???im only 14 so yeh i guess u cud do it if u r pregnant but obviously i dnt no u.stomach pains r one of the cla__sic signs 4 pregnancy though..hav u had any signs tht mite mak u think u r pregnant???best thing to do is but i pregnancy test but gd luck and if u need to talk my addy is [email protected]


tiffany - March 17

i have no idea because i have the same problem


Shelly - March 17

Do you have an adult that is close to you? If so, talk to them about what you are going through. You can start by taking a pregnancy test. You can also go to a clinic or Planned Parenthood. Before you panic, find out if you are pregnant or not. Stay calm, and get some help.


ekhamsee - April 18

yes, cause he could take care of you and your baby cause he is working.


Audrey - April 19

225 girl- It's up to you both to decide whether you are ready. Just because he has a job and is financially secure doesn't mean he's emotionally ready for a child. Many guys bolt when they hear that their gf is pregnant, but if you have a solid and loving relationship with your bf you shouldn't have to worry. If you can I'd suggest you finish school. Best of luck!


Kisha - May 1

When does your belly start to get hard??


Tiffany - May 3

I think i'm pregnant, And i haven't go to see a doctor eairther. If i was Pregnant i would be 3 mounths an 3 days. how do i know?


katie - May 3

well...u wud hav had missed a few periods and had had signs like sore b___bs...sickness...nausea etc..best thing is just to do a test or even better go and see the doctor and get bloods taken..then u get the rite results..anyways take care and gd luck xxx katie


sarah - July 20

i didn t have my patch on for a week and my man was not using protection



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