I Think I Had A Miscarriage But Iam Not Sure

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Kiara - January 19

Iam 15 and pregnant(or was)and dont kno if i had a mis or not.I havent been to the doctors yet cuz i have to get my medical card from my mother.So if u know,what are the symptoms of a miscarriage and how can it happen?


tara - January 20

well, first of all what makes you think you had a miscarriage? And how far along are/were in your pregnancy? The symptoms are bleeding heavely with cramps...it feels like your period with cramps but more blood and more pain. You will also notice the pa__sing of tissue. If you think you had a miscarriage it is very important that you go to the doctor. they need to check you out and make sure your uterus is empty after this incident otherwise you can get an infection which can be very dangerouse. So go to the Dr. ASAP.


kiara - January 20

thanx tara,but what are the causes of a miscarriage?


tara - January 20

The causes of m/c vary and some are still unknown. M/c can happen for any, or a number of reasons and some of the most common ones are use of drugs, excessive use of alcohol, activities with too much jumping, a bad fall or accident has been known to cause miscarriage, excessive stress, infection of listeria (from bad chicken or raw eggs), Chromosome abnormalities (in some cases if the body relizes there is somethig wrong with the fetus, it will not be able to hang on to it). I'mm sure there are more reasons than this, but these are the common ones that I can think of. Also, if the woman's body is not strong enough to be able to carry a child it might 'let it go". Why do you think you had a miscarrige?


safiya - January 20

Cramping Bleeding lower back pain I bled when I was about 8 weeks pregnant and I didn't miscarry. Sometimes being that the cervix is soft, you tend to bleed easy. Try lying down and don't have any intercourse. Go to the emergency room, if u think u r or have had one. You can get an infection if left untreated


Chante' - January 20

I know the signs of a miscarriage, but you don't need to know those. You need to go to the doctor. I'm pretty sure that their is a free clinic near you where you won't need your medical card. That's how I found out. I went and they told me everything. there are also many causes of a miscarriage stress, being overwhelmed, over working yourself, etc.


kiara - January 21



Anon - January 21

When I had my miscarriage....I knew what was happening. Cramping REALLY bad, bleeding REALLY bad, I was vomiting it hurt me so bad. There were blood clots, for me it was unmistakable. Of course i went to the hospital where they confirmed, but I definately knew what was going on.


Karen - January 21

I knew what was happening to me trust me it was serious I had three mis and I didn't go to the doctors and it hurt me really bad and I think I screwed up my insides I have had major problems with my stomach since my first mis. good luck! How did you know you were pregnant and how far along were you. You don't need to know the signs GO GET YOURSELF HELP you don't need to be like me


Hilary - January 22

Medical card or not, there can be serious complications for both you and ur child (if its still alive) if you dont go.


kiara - January 23

anon,wut do u mean it was unmistakable?


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

You don't have to have your medical card with you, you can go in and tell them you have it and you'll bring it back once you get it. I do that all the time because it took forever to get my daughters card.



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