I Think I M Pregnant And I M 16

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help - February 22

im 4 mths away from turning 17 and my last period was the last week of january. the first time this year that i've had s_x was feb. 13th. we had s_x 2 times. i'm supposed to start my period soon but i havent had any cramps, or anything like i always do. plus i'm having these headaches, i'm bloated, gasy, eating more in a day than i would normally,eating strange food together. i'm not mixing them but i'm taking a bite out of one and then going to the next. i'm extremely tired and this past monday when my boyfriend and i had s_x it hurt me. i also have tenderness in my br___ts. pls...someone help me. do i need to take a test?


chris - February 22

YOu should take a test to see. It could be.... please let me know.


Grandpa Viv - February 23

Hmm! If your period started Jan29 then I suppose you could have been in your fertile window Feb13 - just. Your signs do sound somewhat positive. Are you peeing more or unusually tired. You need to wait a week after missing before taking a test. Your school nurse or guidance counselor will have tests in her desk. Good luck!


HELP! - February 23

i've decided to wait til the 2nd week in march to take a test. just to make sure. im unusually tired.. yes im peeing alot.


HELP! - February 23

and not to be gross but i've also had discharge alot.


Audrey - February 23

From your symptoms it sounds like you might be pregnant, although it's still too early for it to show up on a test. I hope that you and your bf are ready for some of the decisions that you'll have to make if it turns out that you are pregnant. Best of luck!


Mandy - February 25

Just remember every pregnancy is different for different people, you may or may not experience every symptom. If you're not sure if you're pg or not and haven't missed your period don't take a test until after you are a week or 2 late. It could give you false results before then. After that even if 1 test says you're pg, you need to see a Dr. ASAP!! Also to remember the longer you keep being pg a secret the harder it is on you, worrying if someone will find out before you tell them, or if they are going to kill you will put alot of stress on you and your baby. It will probably be the hardest thing in the world to do...and things may be hard for you after...but it will be done and you can then start wondering how different your life will be w/ or w/out a baby. I'm 23, married & expecting after a stillborn. My mother was a single teen parent. If you'd like to talk my e-mail is [email protected]



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