I Think I M Pregnant And I M Scared

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Nicole aka Nikki Lee - June 3

How can I tell my parents that I'm pregnant I dont want them to be really mad at me? I took the Early Reponse Test and it said that i am and i took the E.P.T test and it says that i'm not what do i do? I'm on the birth control pill. What can I Do About This? I'm only 17 years old.


Kim - June 1

There's a chance you could be pregnant and a chance you couldn't. If you are: I would tell a couselor and have them talk to your parents with you. Parents usually seem to be more "layed back" and understanding when there is some one like a couselor present. I got pregnant when I was 18 and luckily I had the choice of not telling them but I chose to do so with a couselor present. They were upset, and they, themselves told me that if the counselor wasn't there they would have been more angry. But there might be a chance that your not pregnant. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now and we've had tests come up positive because I had high HCG levels(the chemical in your body that shows if your pregmant or not) but really I wasn't pregnant and it was a false positive because my HCG levels were high due to some kind of hormonal inbalance. So either way I'd wait for a period or go to the doctor and get a blood test. either way you'll most likely need to tell your parents. And remember just because your on the pill doesn't mean you can't get pregnant, all the pill does is lower the percentage of pregnancy not eliminate it.


Nicole aka Nikki Lee - June 1

Hey Kim thanks a lot but i have already talked to my counsler and he told me to wait until i find out for sure and then tell my parents.Should I do It that way?


Nicole Aka Nikki Lee - June 2

Hey i have another question Is cramps a symtom of pregnancy?? I dont think it is but i'm on the pill and my nurse at school said that it is normal to have a regular period and be pregnant when your on the pill is that true?????


Shelly - June 3

Yes, the nurse is right. Yes, cramps can be a symptom. How late are you for your period? Try taking another home test if you're over a week late. If you get another positive, it's probably right. Either way, you can get a blood test. The blood test will give you the best answer. As far as when to tell your parents, it's your call. Having them know now will give you more support while you'e stressing over test results.



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