I Think I M Pregnant And My Bf Broke Up With Me 4th Day

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Ashley - November 22

ok i think i'm pregnant.. what happened was... when we had s_x he didnt use protection unti he got queezy headed and then he put the condom on... we did it sunday October 31 and he broke up with me november 4.. i took a pregnancy test and came out positive. so i told my grandmother and she took me to the doctor.. it turned out i was pregnant.. i told my ex boyfriend at guthries with the youth and i drugged him out and talked to him about it.. and i said even if we're not together you're supporting our baby and he said no i'm not.. if my family finds out i have to move... and we kept talking and he wanted me to get an aportion so we wouldn't have to worry about it and i said no i'm not killing an innocent life just because me and you messed up..and he said well that'll be better for us.. and i said no it wont when that baby does come to my life you better be behind me supporting me and the baby cuz if not i'm telling your family and i'm gonna let your butt move.... and then on the other hand he said he was kinda exciting and hoped it would be a boy.... could i get any outlooks on this problem? thanks for reading my story from tonight.....


T - November 22

Ashley - Its sounds like he isnt going to support your or the baby. But dont let this bother you. If you want to keep the baby then you go ahead and keep the baby. Congratulations on your pregnancy btw. Anyway about your boyfriend. You said he sounded kinda excited about the prospect of it being a boy but he was worried about his parents finding out and him having to move. Perhaps this is why hes acting the way he is. Hes probably worried about his mum and dad finding out. I doubt very much that if his parents find out they'll make him move. Especially since his ex girlfriend is pregnant with his child. I would tell his parents. It doesn't matter if he wants you to tell them or not. They have a right to know since the baby will be their grandchild. So tell his parents and perhaps they can talk some sense into him. Its probably a scary prospect telling his parents but its the only way your going to get him to see sense. His parents will probably talk to him, as well as argue, and he'll realise what hes said and done and grow up and look after you and the baby. Together. Why did you two split up? Thats not very nice his chucking you four days after you had s_x. I hope your okay about that. I would try talking to him again and see if hes going to be any help. Dont tell him your going to tell his parents. He'll try & stop you. But I would definitely tell his parents as well as your own. Good luck!! :o)



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