I Think I Might Be Pregnant

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? - May 1

my boyfriend and i talk about this all the time, what we would do if we got pregnant. We are both 16...too young to have a child. A lot of weird things have been happening to me...I was throwing up for 2 days...my last period was late and it NEVER is..and it was short, and it NEVER is...my br___ts hurt and they've been getting bigger, and i've put on a few pounds...i'm worried...i'm going to a clinic tomorrow...just to ease my mind, but if its true, we have no money...but I really think we could make this work...adoption is out of the question for me, I couldnt stand the thought of our baby in someone else's care...even tho its better then killing it...i'd like to know what you think...whatever you say might help my decision...thank you


katie - May 1

its sounds as if u mite b pregnant...and by the sounds of things i think u could make it work as well =) u sound as if u really care about this baby if u r pregnant and im sure ur parents would b willin to help..im only 14 and my bf is 16 and we had no money nothin and then we told are parents and at the start they were angry/disappointed but im now 34weeks and they hav come to terms with things and are bein gr8...trust me if u are pregnant u parents will help u but gd luck for tomorrow and if u hav any more questions ask away xxx katie


Cara - May 1

your right it is possible to make it work esp. if you have the help of family/ friends. My family freaked when I told them but they have been so good about helping me and my son. My dad even arranged it so Ethan is on his insurance plan so I dont have to get gov. insurance or buy my own. it is hard yes but it is possible. i get childsupport money from ethan's dad who went out and found a job after got pregnant and I am going to be starting work in the next couple of weeks. once you find out if you are pregnant the first thing you need to do is get medical treatment and the second thing you need to do is tell your parents, you may need to tell them first if you need them to get med. treatment. goodluck at the clinic tomorrow, i hope everything works out the way it is supposed to.


Kylee - May 1

wow you are in a pickle right now. i know it seems hard right now but i promise everything will work out in the long run. my cousin got a girl pregnant and she didn't want the baby so now my cousin has it and hes doing a very fine job of raising her he has a job but by living with his parents helps alot... if you need anything or anyone to talk to let me know im here for you good luck


? update - May 3

thanks for your opinions and advice...I went to the clinic yesterday, and it came back negative...i was very relieved...the nurse said that what I was feeling for the past while are signs of pregnancy, so it could be too early..or it might be cuz of the kind of birth control pill i'm on. She said if my next period is weird in any way to come back. While I was there i grabbed like 20 condoms lol we have to be more careful now, I dont want a scare like that again lol


Kath - June 3

Before you decide you need to know whether you are not. If you look deep inside your heart you will already know what you want. What you really want is the ideal mummy, daddy, baby, house, toys etc. Reality darling is somewhat different. You will have to rely on family for support. You will struggle for money. You won't be able to have the life of a 16 year old. No-one can tell you what to do sweetheart. If you are pregnant it is a fantastic thing. I am the mother of two children, Chloe who is nearly five and my baby Emily who would have been one year old. Sadly she pa__sed away less than a week old. If you think that you can provide your baby with what it needs if you are pregnant, then you will be OK. As long as you are sure inside your heart that you can do this - you will be able to. Good luck honey.



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