I Think I Might Be Pregnant But I Dont Know

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XoSaraoX - December 12

ok so i had s_x wit my boyfriend on the 23rd of november and my last period started on november 8th.. and i started bleeding december 8th the time i should be startin my period but it stopped like a few hours after it started then it came back later on that night. then also it stopped again the next day.. it keeps coming and going. and its like bright red.. its a lil heavy but not as much as my period usually is.. it stopped 2day and i usually am on my period for about 7 or 8 days.. so i dont know what to think.. could i be pregnant i need some help.. please..


PreciousBaby19 - December 13

What your experiencing could be concidered as implantation bleeding, but i'm not certain as I dont know your body. If this isn't normal for you then i would take a pregnancy test or contact your doctor about the odd period. Did you use a condom when having s_x?


Grandpa Viv - December 13

You had unprotected (?) s_x on the most fertile day of the month, 15 days before your expected period. That gives you a 30% chance of pregnancy right away. Now you have a period that is lighter than normal. Are any of your PMS symptoms different - more tired, peeing, ga__sy, b___bs, emotional etc? Take a home preg test first morning pee next weekend, and another a week later. Dollar Store tests work fine. Good luck!


XoSaraoX - December 22

no we didnt use a condom when we had s_x..


XoSaraoX - December 22

ya im alot more tired && i have to go pee like all the time.. way more than i normally go..sometimes ill be in a very good mood && then all of sudden im like really p__sed b___hy.. y ai took a test like after i got off my period && it came back negative but my friends was tellin me that it might of been to soon.. but im going to take another test like next week or something.. thanks for helping me..


HeavenisMine - December 22

I got a negative pg test the day after some implantation bleeding too, and the day before. I didn't get my positive until a few days after, and it was very light, so you could be pregnant, just wait and see I guess. If nothing happens it could possibly be you are pregnant and just tested too early. If you get your period however, well that pretty much answers your question :) Anyway, best of luck with this, each woman is different.


grow_up - December 22

If it has been a month since you had unprotected s_x and your tests are still coming back negative odds are those tests are right.


XoSaraoX - December 23

ok thanks i will take another test like next week..


XoSaraoX - December 23

today would be a month since we had unprotected s_x.. so then when i took the test it would of been to early then right?? so im guessing that i should just wait to see if i start my period or not n a couple weeks.. cause my next period should come on the 8th of january.. so ill see if i start && then if i dont ill take another test.. thanks for helping..


Grandpa Viv - December 23

So at least make sure your folic acid (folate) intake is enough to prevent possible birth defects. Read the labels on whole wheat bread and cereal packages, or take prenatal vitamins. This is the time when it is important. Good luck!


XoSaraoX - December 23

ok i will do that thanks so much for helping me..



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