I Think I Might Be Pregnant Please Help Me

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very scared - October 5

I had protected s_x(male condom)(it was my first time to have s_x) sept. 4th 2004 and i got my period sept. 6th 2004 it was shorter than usual and it was somewhat painful but after my period was over the pain went away. but then last week i had sharp pains in my ribs so i looked up what it could be on the internet and pregnancy came up. i started stressing out and looked up symptoms and 2 days ago i noticed that my br___ts started hurting im not sure if this is becuase im pregnant or because im just now developing. im kind of a late bloomer for my age im 15 right now and im bearly an A cup. i usually have 30days between my period so i should have started yesterday and i didnt. i am very scared that i may be pregnant. my stomache seems a little bigger but it might just be becuase im freaking out about the possibility. i just started really worrying about it today and i think im makeing myself sick becaus im thinkging about it im in tears right now and i feel like throwing up! please let me know anything you think might help i need your help this is the only way i have to know! please answer me! veryscared


jen - October 5

I think you are just freaking out and strss can delay your period. Don't worry, he used a condom (very smart). You should be okay. Wait a week and see if you get your period. After that, you can start worrying. I'm sorry you are ao scared, it's okay. If you are preg, deal with it then. Keep us posted, until then try to stay calm. It was your first exp and I'm sure you are okay, just very scared. There is nothing anyone can say to you to tell you if you are or not. I don't think you are though. You are soo young, you have alot of time to have s_x. Be a kid, I miss those days. Good luck!


Viv - October 6

If you had s_x two days before you expected your period, and the period came as expected, it is extremely unlikely that you are pregnant. Ovulation is 14 days before the period, and the egg is only good for 24 to 36 hours. Reflect for a while on what a pregnancy at your age would do to your life, and what kind of a life that baby would have compared to having it ten years from now. If you must continue having s_x, double up on protection and stay away from cycle Days 8-16.


jackii - October 6

im havein the same problem IM me at dshortyx4xyou... we can talk bout it


Veryscared - October 7

Hey its me again i wrote that up there and my friend bought me a hpt and i used it today and it said i wasnt pregnant! im very relieved but i also know these arent accurate 100% of the time but this is helping me to feel a little better even tho i should have got my period the 4th and its the 7th now and i still havent gotten it!


Daile - October 11

Veryscared, you said you are a "late bloomer." How long have you been having periods? For many girls, their periods are irregular in the beginning. Also, extreme stress can stop your period, and it sounds as if you've been stressing quite a bit. I wouldn't worry about it, since the test was negative and you used protection. You're more than likely not pregnant.


Veryscared - October 13

Hey thanks everyone for answering me and turns out you guys were all right! i got my period yesterday but it was 2 weeks late and im usually really on time haha oh well thanks everyone!


Shorty - October 13

I think that maybe due to your reactions in regards to having s_x, that maybe you are not ready to be s_xually active. You dont have to rush into these things... thats what gets you into trouble in the first place.


Stephanie - October 26

i had s_x with my boyfriend on a sunday then i had s_x with him on wednesday and saturday...i started my period on time...but very short..it usually last 7 days and it lasted 4 days..i took a pregnancy test and came out negative...my sister and boyfriend say i took it to early it takes a while to know...can i be pregnant?...i keep having sypmtoms but im not sure if it's that or just me...help im 16 and this is my second guy but the only one without protected s_x...help...im in need to know if iam or not so i can take care of my self and stop jumping around...help =P


TIFF - October 27

i think you are only scared if you used protection you shouldn't worry and a tennage body can change a lot so don't be afraid and your period will prob come soon


Jenny - October 27

im 15 and i had s_x oct 13 and was supposed to get my period oct 23 and its oct 27 and still no sign but i also have no sypmtomsof being pregnant i feel fine .Im sometimes 3 days late or 3days early but never 4 days im really scared im waiting until nov 1 to get a test taken. He used a condom and he also tooked it out before c_mming ( he had a condom on!) but im still very scared help PLEASE!!!!!!! i can't stop crying..............i may not come to this again to read well i will but also please email me at [email protected]


Tiffany - October 28

no,if you had not used a condom then, you could be..........


jenny - October 28

He used a condum and you know when you use a condum the person can c_m in you well he didn't he still took it off even with protection on but why is my period so late its been 5 days now and still no sign of my period i have a lower back pain and i been doing number 3 a lot im soo scared before i get my period i do number 3 a lot and my lower back hurts thats how i been feeling for 5days and still no sign of it............?


Jenny - October 28

let me try and say this again people seem not to get me the boy used a condum and u know when useing a condum the person may c_m in you with the condum on well he said can i c_m in you i said no take it out (remember he still had the condum on ) but im still late on my period its been 5days im soo scared i don't know what do


Jessica - October 29

ok well this is only my opinion but i th ink you girls are alittle to young to be having s_x if everytime your periods a few days late you think your pregnant. when it starts to be 2 or 3 weeks late then you can start to worry alittle but even still it is not uncomon for you to skip a cycle during your first year or two of your period. to me it sort of sounds like you want to have a baby..its alot of responsibility... dont rush it. your kids yourself so chill and have fun...trust me as soon as you have a child there is no more being a kid.. Jess- mothering an unborn child at Age 16


Jenny - November 1

Its been 2weeks i was supposed to get my period oct 23 and it nov 1 im so scared to take a test to know the truth ( he used a condom) and if i am my parents will kill me my dad will kick me out and my mom she wont know wat to do wit herself i try and tell myself im not im not i pray im not and like i said im just so scared to take a test i have no signs of me being pregnant i feel fine. i feel like whne i don't have my period cuz when i do have my back hurtsand im weak but i feel fine, great like nottin is wrong but the only thing that is messing me up is thinking if i am pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i prray this is only stress i pray i had so many things put on me i hope this is stress i pray


I know - November 4

Im in the same situation right now and Im scared to death. Ive had my period the last 2 times since I last had s_x with my boyfriend on Sept. 5 2004 and all the symptoms are piling in, but I don't know what to do. I don't have a real answer to your question but I did want to say I know what your going through.



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