I Think I Need Mental Help

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worrier - August 13

Well, i did stuff with this guy, and i know we did not have s_x,and i asked him and he said he did not c_m. For some reason though im worrying about it. I got my period, i took a hpt and it came home negative, and I have never had s_x before. Its like i know that im not, but everytime i turn on the TV or go out somehwere something pops up and I see it as a "sign" but i know its just because my mind is playing tricks on me. Lately i have felt fat, but that is because i usually exercise everyday and i havent for a while because ive been busy and i just dont want to, i never relaly have. I have felt sick the past couple days, but i have been thinkin about this stuff for a month or a little over, and i think its starting to make me sick just thinking about it. Is there anyway i could be pregnant? or is my mind just playing tricks on me. I want to get help, but my mom insists ill be fine.


worrier - July 17

can someone please respond?


Shari - July 18

Chill out sweet... you are worrying yourself sick here!! I know I always worry myself sick.HPT's are 99% accurate, and if your mum thinks that you will be okay, chances are you will. I know that sometimes we worry ourselves into a state and look into everything that comes our way. You will be fine, and if he was not inside you and did not c_m in you then you have nothing to be worried about, PLUS you have had your period so you are fine. I understand that with your first time with s_x or nearing having s_x can be pretty scary... I worried myself sick after having s_x my first time... and he didn't c_m in my and I was on BCP.. you will be fine, but if you are going to have s_x with your b/f best go and get some BCP that way you will have protected yourself, and always always wear a condom. :-)


worrier - July 19

thank you so much. just to clarify something though, the way i feel sick is i have this gagging feeling in my throat... my stomach only hurts when i think about it, and when i dont think about it, like when i am with my friends i have no gagging feeling in my throat and i feel fine. Haveing a gagging feeling isnt a sign is it? I dont htink so, but i just needed to ask! Thank you.


worrier - July 20



worrier - July 20

pelase IM me and talk to me about this somebody....im scared im goin crazy an di just need someone to talk to my sn is IaDmWrUEcMb564..thank u!


SaRaH - July 20

Stress and nerves can make u seem to have more problems or make things alot worse than they really are! Just try to chill out and everything should be fine! Good Luck~


Shari - July 22

Often when we look out for signs we can create them ourselves, the gagging feeling and stuff that you only feel when you are looking for it is porobabbly a sign of stress, as our body and mind can trick us if we let it. I am glad you have an open relationship with your mom and knowing that she has been thru the whole womanhood pregnancy expierence she is the best source of info when you may get worried about things. Just hang in there chook. If you do decide to have s_x, just make sure you are protected from pregnancy and STDS, other than that, there is not much you can do. I found out thru stuff like that... there is no point working ourselves up and let things worry us to the point of getting really sick,, coz we are still going to be there tomorrow. You will be fine, don't worry, any q's just post here again and someone will be more than happy to answer your q's!


worrier - July 26

thanks so much for all the comments. Since the last post that someoen posted, i havent really been thinking about anything due to pregnancy and that gagging feelin has left my throat, i feel so much better! Thanks again


worrier - August 10

hello. well since my last post, i had forgotten about the whole pregnancy thing, and all my fake little symptoms it hought iw as getting like the gagging feeling in my throat..it went away..and i got my period..it was heavy, normal. for some reason now..i started thinking about it again...its not as bad as before though. When iw as going to the bathroom today however, i noticed like gooey stuff in my v____a..and im sure its been there before, but since i was thinkin about the whol preg. issue, i thought maybe it could be bc of that? I am making my self sound stupid, bc lets look at it..i have never had s_x (messed around but never had s_x..) i ha ve had 2 periods since then..no signs of pregnancy...my b___bs arent tender, i dont pee alot unless id rink a lot that day, and i dont feel sick. I have gained weight, but i think its just because im usually very active, and i havent been this summer. Can someone IM me at brightbrunette6 to talk to me about this..or write back! thank you. Oh also, do uthink i was just thinkin that because i am guilty about waht i did?


Shorty - August 10

Dude, chill out, you are not pregnant, you are fine. I think maybe with all this worry you might not have been ready to have s_x. It is really scary your first time because you have no idea what to expect, and the thought of pregnancy or stds are huge and keep playing over and over in your head. I think the best thing to do is get to know your body, and wait till you are ready to have s_x, and if you do decide to stay s_xually active, you need to get some birht control pills and always make sure your partner usues a condom..... but congrats you are not preggo!!!


worrier - August 11

ha thanks. I didnt have s_x though..i only messed around..but i know im def NOT having s_x for a very long time.


bLoB - August 11

This is a bit like a "can I get pregnant from holding his hand?" scenario. I am appauld that so many young girls have no idea about s_x and pregnancy. Do you guys not have s_x education in the US?


worrier - August 11

i know about s_x education, i just worried myself overboard...thats why the t_tle is named "i think i need mental help"


Shorty - August 11

Dude you dont need mental help, just make sure you know a lot more about s_x before you make the decision to do it. There are some websites that can help, like www.gurl.com



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