I Think I Want To Get Pregnant

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Mel - December 13

I'm 16 years old and i really really want to get pregnant. Im not stupid and i know that life wouldn't be easy but i willing to give up alot of my life. I'm an honour student and very involved in the community and other things just to let you know that im not some poor little girl just looking for someone to love them or attention. I know the risks and what id be giving up. I've always wanted to have kids young, and since im almost 17 i think im ready. I have a boyfriend and he feels the same way. Hes 21 by the way and has a job and everything else. Im still planning on going to collage and getting my education but i just can't seem to shake the idea of being a mother. What does everyone think? Be honest but try not to be too hateful. I am a person too.


twingle - December 13

Here is honesty and no, I won't be hateful since I felt the same way when I was 16. And an honor student, as well! :) People will look down on you for getting pregnant at an early age. It doesn't matter how responsible or mature you were to begin with, you will be judged as an irresponsible teenager who didn't know any better. And it will be partly true, I'm afraid. You simply don't have the life experience to know what you are getting into. I had my twins at 27 and even I was totally shocked at how different it was than I expected...and I was a preschool teacher! I am really glad I didn't follow through and have a baby at 16. You have 25 years left to have a baby...at the very LEAST graduate high school. It's only another year and it will be much simpler than trying to finish while you are pregnant. Pregnancy exhausts you, and motherhood is even more tiring. You may have all these grand plans to finish school with a baby, but I do not know of ONE SINGLE GIRL who did that...and I know a lot of teen girls, my brother in law is a social worker. There is also the fact that you ARE still growing and it is nearly impossible to have a healthy baby when you are still growing yourself. Also, the miscarriage rate is nearly triple for teen girls. Do you really want to conceive a baby and have that child born unhealthy or too small, or not at all because you were physically too young? You will still be young at 18, 20, or even 25! I'm 31 and I still wonder why I have gray hairs, I feel exactly the same as I did when I was 20. Probably the twins or my toddler, lol. Consider too that as a teenager you don't have the resources to deal with a child if something is otherwise wrong. I mean autism, Down's Syndrome, or something else. One of my twins is autistic, and it is much harder than with a "normal" baby. And I love him dearly. So don't have a baby yet, seriously. It has nothing to do with maturity or whether you would be a good mom. If you are a good mom now, you will be ten times a good mom in a couple of years AFTER you learn what else life has to offer. PLease consider it. You can email me if you want at [email protected] if you want any more information.


Mel - December 14

Thanks a lot for your honesty. I have a lot to think about. I know this is a big decision and i don't plan on taking it lightly! Thanks for all info:) I won't lie i hated hearing it but it definitly make me think! Thats what i wanted. So thanks again:)


Kyaira - December 14

Hi! I want hurt your felling but I will tell you how I feel about this. I wanted my first baby at 14 and then after i lost my virginity I found out I was preganant to and i was so happy but soon i lost the one thing i thought i love most in this world. i still think about my baby and ever thing but i know that in oder for me to have a baby and really take care of one i would need to have a stable foundation for my child. now that i am 16. I stll hope and pray that i will have a baby soon. My boyfriend wants us to have a baby together and evre thing, but we want to move some where together before he knocks me up.Now, once you have move in with your man and you have a job and he is still working on his job and you have a way to go back and forth to the doctors office then that's when you can say I am ready for this baby. But please DONT LET HIM MAKE A FOOL OF YOU.


twingle - December 14

I know you probably hated hearing it but I also suspect that you were expecting to hear something like this and hoping you wouldn't, lol...I'm glad you are going to think with your head and not your, well, you know! ;-)


ERIKA - December 14

Girl I had a baby cause my boyfriend kept asking me but girl as soon as I got pregnant everything changed. It sounds like he just wanna tie you down. If he cared so much he'll wait cause take it from me it aint easy. I'm not a broke person and neither is his dad but it is hard. You have a long life ahead. Finish school and make something of yourself, then have kids.



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