I Think Iam In Labor Iam A Pregant Teen

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JailasMOmmy - May 8

Am i in labor? As some of you know i am 37 weeks now .and I have been having some menstrual like cramping for the past 24 hours. I also have some Severe va___al pains and super sore back and hips.Also some lightening which making it hard to walk,sit, sleep,and some mild contractions .. i called the doctors coffice cause today cause i still been those symptoms.One Nurse told I should go 2 Labor and Delivery and another told me to Wait it out for a bit then call them and if so go to Labor and Delivery.I called my mom i told her to stay at work but she said she wants to come any way I dont want to go if they are going to send me home.


Mandy1984 - May 8

you should go anyways...The doctor will check you over, probably give you an internal examination to see if your dilated, If your not in labour then the examination might be enough to start you off, GOOD LUCK


Grandpa Viv - May 8

Are you having contractions that are getting closer together as time pa__ses? A friend of mine had her daughter stay in the hot tub until her contractions were 1 minute apart. Then she took her to the hospital and she delivered 15 minutes later. IDK where this widsom came from, or even if it is recommended, but it worked for her. Good luck!


JailasMOmmy - May 8

yea im just wait for my mother to get here...last night i took a hot bath and my contractions became stronger then ever so...i guess ill see what happens


EricaLynn - May 8

Wow exciting, I just wanted to say good luck and I hope everything goes smooth for you if you are in labor.


Lillie E - May 8

i think we're going to have a baby here soon... congrats jailasmommy


JailasMOmmy - May 9

welll i found out i was only one 1cm and 70% efface they said my cervix was very thin. the baby apparently wanted to play games lol .They told me to got home and walk around. eat light food im so hungry though but i dont want to eat and have to back and throw it all up so .They told me i should have her around 2-4 pm today


lauren - May 9

How exciting!!!!


EricaLynn - May 9

YAY!!! That is so exciting! I cant believe your in labor and telling us about it! OMG Im so excited for you! I bet you are too....Congratulations lady!


JailasMOmmy - May 13

Wow this baby doesnt want to come they told me the last time i posted that she be her but they said appparently i havent gotting further dialated this sucks


young_mum_2_b - May 13

lol poor u!! i'd be so impatient by now!! hang in there hunnie!! ur baby will come when its ready!!


shesdymed - May 14

OMG CONGRATS !!! wow, this is soo exciting and im not even the one giving birth. lol. wow can u believe after 9 months now is when ur going to see ur beautifulbaby!!? well what ever happens inform us all im sure they want to know, and i know i do!! . CONGRATS ONCE MORe


JailasMOmmy - May 16

hey its me well i am 2cm and 90% efface they stripped my membranes so cross your fingers for me


EricaLynn - May 16

oh how exciting, you have to let us know how everything goes / went and the s_x weight length exact time everything! How exciting! Congrats and good luck lady!



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