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mel - November 9

i think i might be pregnant but im not sure, im due to have my period in 2 days but my br___ts have been sore,i have to pee all the time now(like 2 or 3 times every hour), my mood swings are horrible one minute im happy then im screaming at my boyfriend then im crying over nothing, i've taking 3 pregnancy tests and 2 came back positive. i have headaches and cramps kind of like period cramping and i feel dizzy and sick off and on all day please help me im so confused


To Mel - November 9

If you're not pregnant, you have missed a real good chance to be pregnant. I think congradulations are in order.


Christy - November 11

Hi im 18 and have been with my b/f for 4 years he 21 im on birth control and we have always been safe... well i had messed up on my b/c a couple times this month and we had s_x w/ out him being protected and i thought i would be fine well my pill ended sat and now its thursday and i havent gotten my perid and i feel wierd but i dont kno what ts from but i had like a spot of blood yesterday on me and thats all that came : ( i kno that we ould be ok but im scared.. my stomach feels wierd and im like ga__sy... sorry girls and im like horney and i dunno my stomach feels more bloated but like hard?? I dunno if i should waste money and by a pregnancy test or what.. do u think i could be pregant???


Josie - November 11

If 2 of the tests came back positive..You most likely are.If you want somebody to talk to about it all or something you can email me at [email protected] (I'm 17 and almost 2 months pregnant. By the way)


Alexis - November 12

you need to tell your parents or somebody that you trust alot so they can take you to the doctor or even go to the parent plan hood they will keep everything confidential your parents dont have to know noy unless you want them too.(ishould know iwent there and turned out i was 2 months pregnant and my mom and dad still dont know i want to tell them but its so hard when your 15 i plan on telling the by the end of this week!!!!)


nena - November 12

i had s_x for the 1st time almost a week ago...i noticed lately i feel bloated...all food makes me sick...i feel sick from time to time specially at night *my mom was like that with me* is it possible that i'm pregnant...i'm 17 and i really want to be a mom can somebody please tell me what you think? the father of the baby...his sister thinks im prego cause she is and she knowz and his brother knowz that i am he said its obvious....but like i said i really need help i really wanna be a mommy. i even feel like im pregnant cause i def. didnt like feel like this b4 and neva b4 have i felt like this...respond back please! thanks!



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