I Think Im Pregnant

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Carissa - April 24

i had a mishap and i think i may be pregnant it was ony like two weeks ago and i have not missed a period yet. i am nausious, tired, i have moodswings, im hott then cold, constipated, you get the idea. i took a test and it came out negative but my gyno said it was too early to tell. am i?


to Carissa - April 24

Sometimes the mind plays funny little tricks on people. When you think ur preg, you feel all types of symptoms and than your period comes. Maybe you could be having symptoms but I think that it is a little 2 early to be having that. If your period doesn't come just take a test. RELAX, it's probably nothing.


Cara - April 24

sometimes the fear of being pregnant will make you think that you are AND can delay your period showing up...adding to the panic. more than likely it is also to early for symptoms to be showing up, however it is possible. Dont stress about it right now, like the gyno said it is too early to tell- if you end up being late test like 5 days after you miss and see what the result is. To see how high your chances are check out http://www.thepregnancytest.com/


Carissa - April 28

oh no...my period didnt come so i took a urine test and got a positive result...now what?


Audrey - April 28

Carissa- The hardest thing to do is to tell your parents and the boy you had s_x with. You'll have a lot of growing up to do now and decisions to make as to whether you want to keep the baby or not. Will you be able to stay in school? Do you have the finances and the support for a child? Examine your options and take the path that is right for you. Best of luck!


Victoria - June 14

I think i m pregancy since i miss my period 2 month soon 3 month but it werid that i start not want eat that much , feel lazy , im hot then cold it waste and when s_x wit me it blood whats werid doctor say it normal notthin wrong wait till friday see if my period is not show up mean i m pregancy period but i never went to doctor i m scare since i ve one year old son my body is change never go be the same


Audrey - June 14

Victoria- If you had not had a period in three months then you should be concerned. Have you used a home pregnancy test? If the doctor you saw said you were normal, go and see a different doctor because the symptoms you describe are certainly not.


karen - July 19

i had intercourse on day before my period was over and two weeks later i got my period again.this was this last month and i still haven't gotten my period,. istill havent gone to buy a pregnancy test, should i go and buy one then to keep waiting for my period?


Audrey - July 19

Karen- Normally you would not have been fertile the day before your period ended, but strange things can happen. Another period two weeks later is highly suspect, I suggest you use a home pregnancy test to find out what's happening. best wishes!



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