I Think Im Pregnant Please Give Me Some Answers

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Shaleah07 - September 10

Okay well first off i have VERY irregular periods like about 1 a year. None at all this year. but my gyn says theres nothing awrong with that. but i have had abdominal pains slight shooting pains from my belly button down. peeing alot more than usual. my body looks as if its changing shape =[ my br___t [[ now && then during the day]] are sore && swollen also..my nipples[[not the Areolas]] but the nipple itself looks like its darkening...has anyone else had that??? also i have little white bumps forming on the skin right around my nipples...if i am pregnant i would be about 4-5 weeks or maybe less. please me itd be well appreciated.. [[by the way i have taken a pregnancy test which was negative but that was about 2 weeks ago]]


ashley_1991 - September 10

its hard to tell since you have irregular periods, all you really can do hun is take another test you sad you'd be about 4-5 weeks and your last test was 2 weeks ago so try again this week and if it comes back neg, call your doctor and get an appointment to go in, they can check your blood and let you know, Good luck, sorry i cant be more of a help to you


V9653 - September 10

True true, that is really all anyone can tell you. The symptoms you name sound like pregnancy, but at the same time it could be other things. Hormonal changes at different ages and stages of your life will give you all of these symptoms. As for your negative test-you can just put that out of your mind, because if you calculate being 4-5 weeks, taking a test two weeks ago would be right at the point of conception, and a test can't tell you you're pregnant before your body knows, and it takes at least a week before your body knows. So if you take a test now,it should be accurate. And I'd say if it is negative, go to the doc to make sure and double check on things, and if it is positive, book a doctor's appointment. So pretty much no matter what, your b___t should be at the doctor's office.


Shaleah07 - September 10

Thanks guys for your answers. my mom seems to have it in her mind that i am. since i havent never had these symptoms before. ive had a false alarm before and it was nothing like this. i really have the feeling that i am also. =]


AddysMummy - September 10

You should take another. If it's neg. you should talk to your gyno about your problems.



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