I Think Im Pregnant Plaese Help Anyone 1234

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someone in need of help - October 25

ok i suposaly(sp) ovalated on the 13,14or15 my boyfriend came in me on the 12 13 14 and 15 and soo on my period is due the 26 0r 27 and about a week to 2 weeks ago my br___t became swollan and some what tender on the side and the middle ...i have the uneasy feeling some times when i wake up some time and at night... this mouring i got up and went to put some chilly in a bowl for my boyfriend and as soon as i smelled the chilly i started to gag it smells disgusting to me i gaged like 3 times tryin to but it in the bowl then my friend came ova and i asked her to see if she tought it smeeled nasty she said no it smells good ...i have been a lil irrated latly and i have mild cramps and the other day i feelt a weird cramp im ly left adomend (sp) i have been a lil tired i cant go up the stairs or down with out being out of breath and breathing herd i do smoke cigg witch i plan on quitting if im preg ...any ways any help would be gratfully aprecated i have been feelin a lil gassy last night like i ha to keep burping and i feel bloated alot but it will go away


E - October 25

Please, take a pregnacy test. You sound preggo.


Viv - October 25

a__sume you are preggo until proven otherwise. You have many good symptoms. Please quit the cigs and the booze, check that you are getting folic acid in diet or prenatal pills, use Tylenol not ibuprofin stuff for headaches. We wish you well!


some one in need of help - October 27

well my period came yesterday so im guess im str8 and one i dont drink ... not trying to sound rude ...thanks


Viv - October 28

Let's hope it is a proper period. Some women do bleed at period time in the first trimester. If you continue to have those symptoms, I would go ahead and test next weekend just to be sure.


.............. - October 28

well its the 29 iv had my period for 3 days it been some what light but not that light no clumps yet ive only been wearing panty liners and i usaly wear tampons but right no i dont have any soo that when i nodiced i was some what light .. but still lets hope its jus a normal one :) ill keep posting thank !!!



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