I Think My Boyfriend Got Me Pregnant HELP

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Amber - April 15

Me and my boyfriend had unprotected s_x on April 1st. And i was suppose to get my period sometime around the 5th but it never came. My boyfriend did not pull out and we are both scared like shit. we are not ready to be parents but he told me if i am pregnant he would help me out because he said no women deserves to be treated like shit. what should i do? sum1 help plez.


Jolleen - April 15

Amber have you been feeling any pregnancy signs other than a missed period? i think you should take a test if it comes out negative and you still dont get your period next month try another test or go to a doctor.


vikki - April 15

i highly doubt you are pregnant.for your sake i hope your because you act like your not ready to be a mommy. Good luck


Amber - April 15

Um yeah..the only signs i been having are tender breats, and i throw up often, and my missed period. I'm a couple of days late now. so tomorrow i'm going to take a test and see how that goes.


anon - April 15

how about you get some contraception, surely you have learnt by now. i think you and your boyfriend should be a lot more responsible.


Amber UPDATE! - April 21

Well i took a home pregnancy test today and I AM PREGNANT! what do i do now? how i'm i going to tell my parents? i dont want to tell them....someone plez help me....


Audrey - April 21

Amber- Telling the parents is hard, but it's necessary. They will be angry and disappointed, but tell them straight that you made a mistake and are prepared to deal with it. You have to make some tough decisions, such as whether to keep the baby, and how to finish school, and you need the support of your parents and your bf. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - April 21

Congratulations Amber, you are embarking on the most important phase of your life. Your parents deserve to be told early - they will be sharing much of the expense and child-minding - it's only fair. Just wait until you are all together, then say "Mom, Dad, do you have a moment or two. I have something important to tell you". No matter what, start taking prenatal vitamins as early lack of folate can cause birth defects. Mail me at [email protected] if you want to chat.


katie - April 21

hey congrats...tellin your parents is really hard and i no... im only 14 and im 32wks at the moment but seriously u gotta tell them and sooner rather than later....you cud leve signs round the house like i did and then they kinda caught on but i must admit i wish i had told them straight so tellin them straight is proberley best or even just tell your mom..she and you dad are goin to seem angry but there just disappointed in you but i promise tht will come round eventually all parents do cause they love you and ur there daughter but gd luck and if you need to talk email me at [email protected] okies gd luck again xxx katie


Candice - April 22

Dear Amber Keep ur head up. I am 29 weeks prego and it was hard for me to tell my mom to. Yes she was very angry at me at first but now she can not wait till my little girl comes. She kina wants the baby for her self. But keep ur head up and just sit down and tell ur mom face to face. I know how it is. I am 18 and i was real scared email me if u need support [email protected] O yea and don't for get to update on what ur bf thinks and what he is goin to do to. laterz.


Amber - May 9

Hey everyone UPDATE: I have told my parents that i'm pregnant. and they wasn't to happy about it. but they told me they will support in any kind of way. i have a doctors appointment on the 13th of this month.


maya - May 9

i hope it goes ok. keep me posted. how old r u amber. if u don't mind me askin.


emily - May 9

hi i need help i whont to get pregnet and my b/f does to i know not yousing a condom and all that works but whut els can i do to help sped up the proses email me [email protected]



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