I Wanna Baby But Only 14

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baby_lova - November 4

i really really really wanna baby but im only 14 but i wud make a great mum and i have enough money to keep it but my mum wud go ballistic and i havent told my boyfriend but he wud b ova the moon wat shud i do


Christine - November 4

baby_love you are really too young...I know it may feel as though you are ready but your not...Even your body is not ready for baby bearing...Hang on a few years..finish high school at least...dont make life rough for you and a child...lord knows its hard enough when your older, in a profession, married, etc...


tiff - November 4

hunny you are way to young to have a child you can't support it and are too little to know what to do. your body isn't even ready to allow you to have a child at your age.!!!!!! so please wait until you are older!!!


ray - November 4

you think you want a baby now but if you wait untill you get older (get a good job etc) then you will realize that you did the best thing i was 14 when i wanted a baby i really thought i knew it all but then when i was 16 i had a baby and i hated my life i didn't see my friends anymore i couldn't go anyway it was boring my whole life was ruined and now i am 23 years old and have 3 kids i'm at home all day i don't see my husband in the day as he is working all i have to talk to is an 8 month old daughter b/c my other kids are at school it gets so lonely i could honestly say if i could go back to being 16 i would do hell of alot of things different i swear to you it's not worth it i'm not saying i don't love my kids i really do it's just so much hard work i'm tried all the time i'm trying to keep my house going etc but deep down i do wish i still lived with my mum and had a good job(i can only get a job when my baby is old enough to go to school)and i will be 27 when she does that so please don't have a baby that young live your life you only have one all the best love ray xxx


B - November 4



Please - November 4

Please dont be so selfish.. a 14 year old has not got the means or the maturity to souly support a child. Having a baby is not like a dog or a cat.. this is a person who you are responsible for until they are of adequate age to fend for themselves, and you still seem quite young and nieve about such things. There is no fun in playing house at 14-15 by yourself, which is exactly what will happen. Grow up first, there is plenty of time for babies


Krystal - November 12

GIRL YOU ARE DUMB!!!! Just because you think you are ready to be a mom don't do it. I'm 17 and 36 weeks. I have 4 weeks to go. I am scared. You need to think about everything first.


c - November 12

baby lova u mite think u want a baby but trust me think again ok im 14 and pregnant stupid mad too young etc yes i agree but me and my b/f have been together for like a year and half and r getting through this with the support of our families and yes i know its gonna be even harder than i cud ever imagine but i am keeping my baby now it is here but i dont think its great or nuthing like that so please rethink dont do it plzzzzzz x x


E - November 12

I strongly urge you to buy a puppy or kitten. They are cute and fun to take care. They hardly cost any money. You can wrap it up in a cute little blanket and it it is small enough, you can feed it milk in a bottle. I am not being sarcastic as someone will accuse me of. I am totally serious. 14 is too young to be a mom, no ifs ands or buts. Good luck and please wait till you finish school:)


V - November 13

Ok first of all to the system has failed:what does being goth or punk have anything to do with this subject?But anyways hun, you say you have the money to raise the baby you want?what if you get kicked out?Do you have enough money to get an apartment?do you have a fulltime job? these are just some things that you really need to think about.Best wishes to you!


unknown - November 17

hi,im 14 2 n really want a baby alls i can say is tlk 2 ure bf n tell him how u feel n mayb things will c_m true gud luck xxx


G - November 18



Audrey - November 18

To baby_lova and unknown: Please don't fool yourselves. A baby will not make things all better, it only will cause more problems. First of all, at 14 the the body hasn't finished developing and becoming pregnant could be dangerous. Second, if you haven't finished school how will you get a job to support the child if your family will not? You should wait until you're old enough to think seriously about these things.


taylor - November 18

Daycare is expensive


karelyn - November 19

i am 17 and 5 months and you dont want to be pregnant. kids in school can be really cruel. just have fun being a kid. if i could take it back i would.


Ca__sie - December 8

baby_lova just watch the birth day stories TLC. Not only do you have to endure hours upon hours of pain after 9 months of being miserable. your body will be covered in scars from stretch marks, you will always have saggy b___bs and a fat pooch instead of a tight belly. Now picture yourself and tell me if you think you boyfried will take you and a crying baby to the beach or your best friend who looks great in a bikini ? Having a baby not only changes you lifestyle it changes your apperance.


Ca__sie Again - December 8

--I Forgot to mention after you have the Baby and wear those 3 pound pads with ice in em' because you ripped during birth you can't have s_x for 6-8 weeks, hope your boyfriend don't mind waiting. Oh and good luck enjoying s_x after you have a Baby it feels like your ripping all over again. Actually after your boyfriend sees and smells all of the wierd things that happen down there during pregnancy and after birth he won't want to have s_x with you anyways. So since your HAVING s_x TO YOUNG and im sure thats all you and your boyfriend have in common think about what the strain of not having s_x will do to your relationship.



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