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ally - February 15

i know this sounds really stupid, but i really want a baby. a while ago i thought i was pregnant and when i found out i wasnt i was really upset. i am only 15 but i really want a baby


becca - February 15

hey ally, wow thats cool. thats a awesome thing you are thikning about ... i think that at such a young age thoguh you shoudl get married so that you have soeone to support you . Its aweomse that oyu want a baby. if you need to talk email me --- [email protected]


Rhonda - February 15

Hi Ally,Why do you want a baby so bad at such a young age, it's a big responsibilty. What do you do outside school time at the minute. I remember when I was 15, life's pretty tough, however I battled on and around about 19 everything just fell into place and I realised what was out there, how much I could do, and when I got my first good job and a little apartment the fun I had with the girls from work, I had no responsibilities and girl did I party hard, it was great. I used to look back at 15 and wonder why I didn't realise then how much fun was ahead of me. Maybe something is missing from your life at the minute but I think you should try to find something else to occupy your mind for a while, you can always give it up if you want to but when you have a baby honey there's no going back. I wish you all the luck in the world sweetie let me know how you get on.


Gloria - February 15

Rhonday is right. When I was 15 I was partying all the time, back then I use to wish I had a baby also but now that I look back theirs no way I would have been able to go out and experience life, done all the things I did. I wish I was 15 now cuz then I didnt have any responsiblities or have to worry about anything, things change once u either get old or have a baby. I now have a baby. Trust me things are hard. My bf is around but he dont live with me so I have to take care of my baby all by myself most of the time. Im the one that gets up at night to feed her, to change her, and everything else. You should really think about this, to me a good time to have a baby is when you are stable, when u have a home and when ur man is at home with u helping you out, you know. Sometimes this girl just cries and cries for no reason, ive changed her, ive feed her and carried her and still nothing and when you by urself its a little frustrating that is y its always good to have someone there to help you out like a husband. Plus all the expenses, like formula, mannn that is soo expensive, plus diapers and clothes, and you do have to have a lot of clothes for your baby cuz they do dirty them fast with spitting up, SO i just suggest to really think about it. At 15 you should be out having fun.


Liz - February 15

When I was fifteen I was too busy hanging out with my friends to even seriously think about having a baby. If I did fantasize about my future, it was always about my wedding day, not having children.


tiffani - February 15

ally ~ A baby at 15 can change you life in such a dramatic way. Trust me, you're not ready. You know how wrong it is, because you said yourself it sounds stupid. It's incredibly selfish to have a baby at 15. You can't financially support yourself, let alone a baby. This would put all the responsibilites on your parents. Wait 10 years. Get your education and live life for awhile. Your boyfriend now is not very likely to be your future husband, and a baby will almost guarantee that. Enjoy your youth, don't try to grow up so fast, there's plenty of time for that later. If you really think you're ready for a baby, try babysitting. I bet you'll change your mind once you see how demanding it can be.


becca - February 16

no darlin you shouldnt have a baby you really are to young and ur still in shcool and marrige DEFANATLY isnt the answer b a teenager dont be a mum even though i love my baby with all my heart i wish i could just go out and be a kid agen this is just a fase u really tould be stupid to try and get pregnant


Catherine - February 18

Honey get help!!!


michelle - February 20

well im 17 and i've thought about it ever since i lost my baby girl at 4 months... its hard i think about her every day you dont know how hard it is trying to face the fact ill never have her back i mea i think everyday about having a baby but it might just be the thought of my baby ... and there a guy i was in love with we wanna have a ababy together but im scared to since im young and what if we fall apart.... i mean i know we'd never stop talking and stuff but i feel like havin a baby is something i really want


Haley - February 20

I wanted a baby when I was 15, and I had one. It was very hard. I could not support my baby at the time, and neither could his father. If it weren't for my parents I don't know what I would have done. I was raising a baby, going to school full time, and working part-time. I had no life ...no prom, no friends to hang out with ....just a baby. I don't resent my child for that. I made that decision. He is now 6 years old, and I am married to his father. We are supporting ourselves, BUT it took us forever to finish growing up ourselves so that we could be where we are today. Enjoy your childhood. I missed all of mine .......


Angel - February 20

I know how you feel....I wanted a baby when I was your age too....however, as painful as I thought it was I'm so glad that I waited...I'm now almost 19 and married to the man of my dreams. Looking back I thank God that I waited because he's the one that I want to father my child. My advice....wait until you are married to the man of your dreams and trust me you will look back and be thankful that you waited also.


kim - April 5

Don feel bad I am in the same boat


kea - April 20

oh my god, i really want a baby. they are so precious and when i think of how happy i am with my boyfriend and think of how long we've been together, i really want to have his child. i love him, i just don't think he's ready.


how do you be come pregnancy - April 29

im haveing a baby i wood to have is one how can i have it


katie - April 30

wait...im pregnant and im 14 and i love my baby girl already even though i havent had her yet(another 6 weeks) but really wait...u havent thought about it just think your goin have to tell your mom and dad adn your friends..the babys dad and everyone else and its goin cost alot and stuff and its obviously just a fase your goin through plz WAIT u can hav a baby anytime in your life take care and think before u do anything xxx katie


Patricia Perkins - May 5

I think that a fifteen year old shouldn't be having s_x . I"m 29years old and i need some help concieving.


El - May 5

hun. i know how u feel!i really wanted a baby to it broke my heart when i saw other people in ther babys. but now i think it is my time in i am so happy!please if u wana tlak id bee more than happy too please email me at [email protected]



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