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dr - October 6

i am only 13 years old but i really want a baby. i have wanted a baby ever since i got my period a year and a half ago. i have never had a boyfriend and i don't want to have s_x with just any boy. and my family is very relgious and we don't believe in having s_x before marriage, plus i don't think i am ready to get married yet. but i really want to have a baby. can someone tell me a way that i could have a baby without having s_x and without my parents finding out about it. i am very mature and can find a way to get almost anywere


March_mommy06 - October 6

Okay, this is going to sound rude...but No you don't want a baby right now. First, you are not responsible enough for one. You are not old enough to drive if you have to rush that baby to the ER at 3 in the morning nor can you support one financially. S_x is pretty much your only option, since you are so young. You have to be 18 to adopt or for artifically semination. Trust me, I am 17 and I am still not ready for this, but it is a blessing. Youre 13, be young and love it!


- October 6

im not a teen but im going to have a baby here in a couple of months, u can come and help me with that baby, i think that will really help u change ur mind!! easier said then done


March_mommy06 - October 6

Hey thats a good idea. I could use some free time in a few months!


tt - October 6

you're about as mature as you are young. how would YOU take of a baby when you can't take of yourself. Are you going to drop out of school, get a job, buy a house and a car....wait a minute you're only 13. don't be a stupid idiot like a few girls your age sadly are.


rea - October 6

you're very mature but you think theres a way to have a baby without having s_x and your parents finding out?!! You my girl, are seriously deluded.


seroius - October 6

Okay, i have a question. Why on earth do you want a child? Do you want a child beause you think that it looks "cool"? What grade are you in hunnie, 6th? Why dont you run on to wal mart and buy a dolly. That would be a goodd help for you. You can EVEN pretend to change him/her or even feed him/her. Wouldn't you feel so much like a big girl now?


dr - October 6

none of you know me. i am very responsible. i would probably provide more love for a baby than any of you. it is my right to have a baby when i feel i am ready and i think i am. as someone stated girls my age have babies all the time and thier age doesn't stop them. i asked you all a simple question, if you don't have an answer than please keep your critasism to your self.


March_Mommy06 - October 6

I am upset at your statement about providing better care for a baby than I. That shows you are immature to make a statement as such. Your body isn't able to make a healthy home for a baby yet, so what makes you think that you can? There are things they need, beyond someone to love them. There is a lot of money to spend, which means a lot of working, and you have to be able to them to the doctor and so on. If you were wiser than all of us, you would know that you cannot just "get a baby without your parents knowing." That is one of the craziest things I have read on here, and they get pretty weird here.


Rachel - October 6

You have to have a job to have a baby, some way to support it, and you can't leagally get a job for two more years, so...yeah


March_Mommy06 - October 6

Here, you cannot get a job until 16, then your lucky if anyone will hire you! Thankfully, I have worked hard and saved a lot of money so I can take off while I am pregnant and not be in a bind. :) Rachel, Are you expecting?


Ashlie - October 7

to "a guy" where do you get off? I dont even want to go there with you, but for dr, I say wait until your married, please. I had my first son when I was 18 and the only thing I learn from that was how I wished I was married and stable before I got pregnant. You should really have a baby with someone you love and someone who is going to be there to be in the babies life. Dont make your child grow up without a father just because you want to have a baby to fill the emptyness you have. I suggest talking to a councilor to find out the real reason you want a baby.


Ashlie - October 7

to dr, another thing, you are right we dont know you, but please do not say that you would be able to love a baby more than the next person, a mothers love is not something to mess with. and I can tell you how to have a baby without having s_x, they make real life babies for health cla__s, that actually cry and need the same attention that a real baby does, look into one of those? because what is the REAL reason you want a baby? someone to love? someone to take care of? or you just want to drop out of school, let your parents pay for you baby, be up every two hours feeding it, and change diapers for the next 2 1/2 years? Do you know that if you had a baby now, by the time your baby was ready to go to school you would still be in school yourself??? And yeah there are girls who do get pregnant at 13, but I have yet to meet one that was happy that she did.


To dr - October 7

NO, you aren't responsible, otherwise your dumb brain wouldnt be even considering this. You can provide more love? First of all, at 13 you don't even know what love is, and second, a baby CAN'T survive on love. How do you plan to pay for all this baby needs (including healthcare) (100s of $ a week) when you have only just turned old enough to have a paper round? What exactly do you want an answer to? You want people to say "aww sure honey you go find a guy and get pregnant", well if so you are very silly. You need to grow up you selfish little girl. It's not about what YOU want. Its a babys LIFE at stake, and what poor child would have a chance with a little girl for a mother with no education and NO money. That child would resent you. Go get a hamster and stop being silly.


Kal - October 7

Hi ladies. I started a thread under 'Best Age to Get Pregnant' ent_tled "To all teens ttc, and the people who argue with them." I don't want to copy it over here as it's too long, but it'd be relevant for this thread. Maybe you could take a look? xxx xxx


answer - October 7

the perfect way to have a baby without having s_x or without your parents finding out is to become a babysitter. you can keep someone else'e baby and treat them like your own (not literally). plus this can be a good way to save up money for when you are really ready to have a baby years from now. You can also learn how to properly take care of a baby and get just a taste of what having a baby is like.


to dr - October 7

if i am pregnant, you can have my baby. he or she will be black. if this sounds like something that interests you then leave your number + area code and i will call you. i will know for sure if i am pregnant by tuesday so keep in touch.



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