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Boobear - July 1

Im 21 yrs. old and have been thinking of having a baby. I really really want one. I thought of this many years ago, but always knew to wait till Later on. I always wanted to be a young mom. Im almost finished college, Im in a steady relationship that Is healthy (although he wants one now!) We have our own place and everything. What should I do?


boo bear - June 27

I meant to say that he don't want one now!!


b___bear - June 27

I meant to say I don't think that he wants one now...Im new to the site! Sorry.


DASHLY - June 28



Shelly - June 28

Finish school first. Work on your relationship and let it mature. Then get married. (Maybe to this boyfriend, or maybe someone else.) Wait till your husband feels comfortable with the idea. You will have a happier time of it if you are both ready. Don't be in a rush, you have pleanty of time.


b___bear - June 28

he wants a baby, just not right now. His thing is money. Which ofcourse everyone wants, but we are doing ok money wise.


DASHLY - June 28

i think you both have more to talk about. find out how much longer he thinks itll be till hes ready and secure with bringing a baby into this world. do you have plans of getting married, has it been discussed? is he someone you would wish to spend your life with and raise a baby with? see if you both can come to an agreement as far as when you could start trying to conceive. also, he is right to be thinking about money- it takes ALOT of moeny. i am 31 weeks pregnant i cant even estimate how much has gone into preparing for the babies arrival already. not to mention the cost after i have the baby. its very expensive to have a baby now. talk all of this through. if he doesnt wish to go into suck detail about it-then maybe hes not the one. if he plans to be around he will be willing to honestly dicuss this issue with you.


Shelly - June 28

Sounds like your boyfriend takes the responsibility of parenthood very seriously. Follow his lead and wait until he feels as ready as you do. Make sure that you have a future together first. You will be glad you did.


jacky - June 29

get married first!!!!


raya - June 29

why dont you wait until you're finished with college then? all that work you put into being in college wont be worth anything if you get pregnant now. if you can wait till he marries you. that way, he's sure to stay with you.


oreo - June 29

you guys all talk about getting married. i am 35 two kids and i am not married. i've been with my boyfriend since i was 14. thats over twenty years and we are still very much in love. i've watched my friends go through divorses and things like that, so i would never think of marring him because getting married does change a person. but as to your problem b___bear i agree with every one about some of the things they have said. talk with him, finish school and get your life started first. dont have kids too young, you wont enjoy them as much. please don't get me wrong, you will love them and want them to be with you forever, but you are also at an age where you will want some sort of freedom and to be able to do things freely. give it some time. the day will come.


Shelly - June 29

Getting married doesn't change a relationship at all. It does however change the way that society views you. If you have a strong relationship to start with, marrige will only make it better. Marriage is just a way to say to eachother and the world that you're committed to being together. It is also easier on the kids if they don't have to explain, and they will feel more secure. There are lots of legal adventages to being married too.


Trinity - June 30

HI BooBear, If ya think yer ready then im sure you can do it.. As for yer b.f tell him how you feel. Tell him how important this is to you. After all is said an done an he agrees make an apoitment to get checked before hand an get on some prenatel vitamins so that way before it happens you have a heathly start from the beginning!


b___bear - July 1

thanks trinity! I am taking lots of folic acid. As for my bf he still wants to wait a lil. I don't though. So Im trying. He's the type that would except it once I tell him, he would be happy.



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