I Want A Baby At 14 But I Havent Started My Period Yet

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tracy - November 4

im 14 n i really wanna baby i wood make da bestest mum eva. i no my mum wood be wel disappointed but i dnt care. only problem is i havent started my period yet im so depressed wot do i do?


ray - November 4

please don't do this read my last message on the post called teen moms


ray - November 4

tracy sweetheart you don't want a baby honest i was the same as you and now look at me i'm 23 years old 3 kids my other 2 kids are in bed but my 8 month old baby is upset b/c her teeth are hurting her she has been crying most of the day i have a headache i'm tired b/c she had me up all night i can't remember the last time i saw my friends it's a c___p life so don't have kids till you are at least 18 please don't make the same mistakes as me love ray xxx


Brandy - November 4

here is a hint for you... jacka__s. You don't have a job. You don't have your period and from what I can tell you are in need of an education. SO finish school get a job and then get knocked up...


KM - November 4

as bluntly as she put it I kind of agree with Brandy.You haven't even experienced a period yet! Don't try to grow up so fast.


.. - November 4

yea babies are cute and at some point most girls want one. you might want one cause of that but taking care of a baby isnt all cuteness there are sacrifices and alot of dirty work to go with it give it some time and think things through first and let your body grow into the beutiful woman you're suppose to be. if you do get your period and decide to get pregnant then I wish you all the luck and I hope you do turn out to make a good mom like you say you would


MD - November 5

Tracy baby, u r still a child! You have no idea how many fun and exciting experiences are coming your way in your later teens!!! My best friend had a baby when she was 16, and sure it was cute and fun and we all thought it was this great novelty at first, but then we all turned 18 and finished school and could go out partying, having fun like you should when u are young, and my friend was stuck at home with a 2 year old every weekend. Now at 21 she has 2 kids, no job, is unmotivated and depressed. My gosh don't be silly and have a baby! Get yourself a puppy, that will help you to get the need to have a baby out of ur system!!!


baby_lova - November 5

im also 14 want a baby but have started my period wats ur email


wow - November 5

you girls need to get a childhood and realize how great it can be!! you need help! and you need to experiance at least a period before you ahve a child. and it should not be at your age!!


jada - November 5

lawd help you teens put some sense into you.


Whitney - November 16

you really don't won't a baby


heather - November 17

tracy, I wanted a baby sooo bad. I am now 17 and preg. I have nothing now. i live in a bas____nt with my boyfriend and my family is not happy. I dont get to finish school i have no money and no friends now not all teens life would be this bad but just goes to show that waiting till you finish school and are on your feet would be the best for you. Please dont screw your whole life up. live it gurl. play with someones baby save the making your own for later. good luck*Heather*


Be a kid - November 17

Please just enjoy being a kid while you can. Don't try to grow up so fast. What they say is so true-Youth is wasted on the young.


A - November 17

Let them do it then it will teach them a lesson, one that they can't get out of.


Sa__sy at 16 - November 17

Hey, what's the rush? You have many years to come, so take your time!



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