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bethany - June 18

i really want a baby and i dont want to tell my boyfreind i just want to get pregnant badley!!!! what do i do?


KT - June 18

why do you want a baby and why wouldn't you tell your boyfriend? dont you think that is deceptive? shouldn't he have a say in it?


bethany - June 18

KT- im not giong to fricken poke ahole in the condom or nothing...i want to tell him but i dont want him thinkin im crazy and break up with me i mean i dont want him throwin ghis life away because of me


kristi - June 18

having ababy is very hard and you have to put your life on hold for this helpless thing. are you willing to lose everything you have, even your boyfriend?? cuz that's what might just happen in the end. my boyfriend left me, after he claimed he watned a baby, he is out partying right now and i am the one stuck at home gaining weight and going through pain just for him. a baby takes money, patience and time. are you feeling to work a full time job and waking up at 3 am to change a diaper or just comfort your baby? it;s not all fun and games...you have docotr appointments, insurance, bills, shots needed and anything else the baby needs


Amy - June 18

Ok.... you just said you dont want ur bf "throwing his life away because of you" why do u see it as a negative, life ruining thing for him and as a big positive thing for you to have the baby? If this guy would break up with you because you want a baby, then why the hell would you want a baby with him anyway? A lot of ppl dont realize exactly how difficult it is to raise a child on their own. I think you are being selfish saying you dont want to be tell your bf. I agree with KT what difference is their in going behind your bfs back and getting pregnant than poking holes in a condom, which you seem to think is unreasonable? Its so unfair on the father, and later on in life would also be unfair to the child. If you want a baby that badly, wait until you are a long term, happy, trusting relationship, where ur bf wont "think ur crazy" if you BOTH decide to have a child... or maybe just wait until you and he grow up a lil more, and maybe if its right, he will be ready later on?


hmmm - June 18

look at this and it will calculate when you ovulate, have s_x in this time and you are more likely to get pregnant. If you want a baby do it but think about it for at least 4 months first then ask youself do I really want a baby? Then if it's yes, tell your boyfriend and just see what he says, if he dumps u then it just wasn't meant to be. But if he wants one too go onto this link and have s_x on the days it says to http://www.babycenter.com/calculators/ovulation/ but learn everything you can about pregnancy before you try to concieve best of luck from me:D xxx



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