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LiAnNe - February 22

hya me and my boyfriend have been together 14 months, and we are both 16 and are considering having a baby. we both really want one, and know we could take care of it and love it soooo much. he has a job, a full time one, with a pretty good wage. please give me some advice because i just really dont know what to do. thanks xxxx or e mail me on [email protected]


becca - February 22

yea you may love the baby with all your heart but honestly its hard work and a year and 2 months isnt that long you dont know how your going to feel in 4 months time a baby is for life but it wont be a baby for ever you will have to look after a 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19 ect so why stop your life when its at its peak i mean im goin to have a baby in under 2 weeks now and i wish i was 10 years older and had enough money i do have enough but im gunna stuggle no more exrtas for me but i have excepted that but my baby wasnt planned honestly dont do it!!!!!


[email protected] - February 22

I think your not ready for a baby yet because your just a baby yourself, and do you really know his is going to be with you and your baby to support you ?


Audrey - February 22

Lianne- Think hard before making that decision. Do you want to finish school? Is your boyfriend the one you want to spend your life with? (I a__sume you plan to get married.) Will you be able to get your own job at some point? A baby can make or break your situation depending on what happens in the future. Best of luck.


LiAnNe - February 22

yes i want my boyfriend to be in my future so bad and we love each other so much and yes i know he would stay with me, but for some reason its seems like we are both ready, even tho we are only 16. good luck becca, keep me up 2 date on how things go, wud love to know what its like. thanks xxxx


Vanessa - February 22

I'm sorry but I think you are crazy. 16 and want a baby??? You have no idea how hard it's going to be on you and your relationship. You will change so much between now and your mid-twenties. Can't you just wait 5 to 10 years? What is your rush? Are you thinking that you will lose your boyfriend if you don't have a baby to "tie" you together. Let me tell you, it can rip you apart alot faster! Wait.


danny - February 22

are you selfish or just stupid. how do you think your baby will feel when you cant even buy diapers or new clothes. what about christmas and birthdays. do you even have a car. what about insurance for baby? you better pray to god that you arent pregnate. i promise your boyfriend will leave you if you get knocked up. dont be a fool!


Little Sister - February 22

Go for it. I love being pregnant and in 4 1/2 months im going to be a great mommy.


Julia - February 23

Well sweetie, me personnaly I would recommend you wait till youa re both out of school, have a home and jobs. Enjoy your childhood while you can. You can have babys anytime in life but your only a teen once. Enjoy it while you have it. You will turn around twice and it will be gone like the wind never to return. Then you will be all grown up and resentful to baby because you didnt have a teen hood. Just really search your heart and think about all the stuff you get to do now...hang with friends, go when and where you want, stay out till 3am, go to parties and things. When baby gets here play time is OVER. So think about it. Good luck [email protected]


LiAnNe - February 23

yes i can understand everyone saying no dont have one it will ruin your life, but this just feels so right, and i have been thinking about it about 3 months now. why wud you say have one little sister? yes my boyfriend is gettin a car soon and how am i selfish and stupid? xxxx


becca - February 23

yea i will 3 months just isnt long enough if you really are considering this you need to think about EVERYTHING really really hard and make sure its what you really want


LiAnNe - February 23

i have thought about everything, me and my boyfriend, this is all we have been talking about. and for some reason it does feel right. xxxx


belle - February 23

i know it dosnt feel that way but you will regret it....if your so sure he is gonna stick around why not wait a couple of years and enjoy eachother first...i wish my husband and i got to


KM - February 23

girls like this p__s me off SOOO bad. Take my son for a night when he wont stop screaming at the top of his lungs, and then tell me you want a baby. Dumba__ses.Go to school, keep your house clean, take care of a family, maintain a relationship and s_x life, find time for yourself and your own interests, then tell me how easy it is. because its NOT. you need a huge reality check dear. There is no way your 16 year old bf couls possibly have a job that makes enough money to support the 3 of you. Get an education and a decent job first. At 16, I thought I knew who I would spend the rest of my life with, things change, you can't possibly know this at 16.


bxbx - February 24

I think it is normal to have a baby at age 16. When your baby grows up, you will still be a young mom, there would be plenty of time to devote to yourself.Plus, being youthful I think you can manage many things (school, childraising, other goals) at the same time. I wouldn`t worry about financial aspect becasue i believe babies are born blessed and they bring their own fortune. I don`t think in this country, this child or yourself will starve or stay homeles or have no clothes to put on in the cold winter time.Why worry about the rest. Congratulations for your courage! I am 25, less than 1 year married and due in 2 months.I wish I had a chance to start all that earlier.My mom got married age 15, studied high school while married and btw age 40-44 studied univ.I don`t see much conflict btw raising a family and pursuing self-fulfillment. Ofcourse that is only my opinion.Good luck


candy - February 24

when i was in high school, I was dating this guy starting freshman year and lasting til graduation everyone thought we were the perfect couple and so did we. we talked about getting married and setling don rigth after graduation. I was very in love and very ready, but things changed. we grew up and grew apart. As we got older we got to know ourselves we saw that there were other things we wanted to do with our lives. needless to say things didnt work out between us. being so youmg your life is going to be constantly changing and the things you want for yourself will change too. once that baby is here things will be hard and you cant just change your mind later if things dont wotk out between you two or if you want to do something else. once you bring that baby inot this world every decision you make will affect he/ or she its best to wait til youre more stable, ie a lot older. If you two are together then, your relationship will be all the better and youll have a great home to raise a child in . if youre not together, youll be glad you dercided to wait.


Sarah - February 24

Every girl or most anyway go through a stage of wanting a baby at that age I know I did more then anything but I went through school and starting working. I'm married now and expecting my first. If you really want to try the motherly thing it's going to sound stupid, get a dog all jokes aside toliet training a dog and looking after it can give you some idea of what to expect. Also try baby sitting that way you will forfill some of your motherly urges it helped me. Hope you work it all out.



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