I Want A Kid

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stupid - May 17

hi, i have been with my boyfriend for almost six months and last night we had s_x....but he didnt know that i stopped taking my birthcontrol pills.....im only fifteen and i want a kid so bad...i didnt tell him that i stopped taking my pills because he does not want a kid. should i tell him? or just say that the birth control pills didnt work? i dont know what to say to him because i feel bad, i think he might leave me...i have been having pregnant symptoms for awhile noow...im going to test in in acouple days because my period is due soon. ...what should i do? i kind of regret stopping birth control because now i realize that i do not have the money and i will problky be kicked outta school..!!!!! i don twant that


stupid - May 17

i forgot to say that we have been having unprotected s_x for awhile not just last night and he c_mms in me everytime


Crystal - May 17

I think you are crazy! You have only been with him for 6 month's. I know at 15 you think that's a realy long time but it's not. I got pregnant at 15 and trust me it's not fun. Having a baby so yong is very hard.....and I did get kiked out of school and I'm 18 now and I still havent finished school. I was only in the 9th grade. I would have gone back to school but day care for a small child was going to be $135 a week. At 15 I could not afford to pay that much money,nither could the baby's dad nore my mom. So PLEASE PLEASE start taking the pill's dont end up like me. Having no friends staying at home all day with my son it get's very boring. And on top of that im now every one's slave! I have to do all the cleaning all the cooking,all the shopping. And raise my son it is very hard!!!!!!! And My boyfriend and I still live with my mom we can never save up any money to move out after all his bill's get payed,and on top of that he has to pay my mom rent. So no it's not a good thing for you to get pregnant at 15. Not to mention that it's realy not fair to you're boyfriend to be trapped like that. That is one of the meanest thing's you could do to him. You both can have a wonderful life just go to school and get good grade's and then if you want further you're eaducation or even if you choose not to....you have the skills to get a decent job at least. So PLEASE WATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


some one who knows! - May 17

twat you will end up single and alone with a child to suport with no money


Hey..... - May 17

First off, I see no reason for anyone to be calling names here....I know that there are teens who are younger than 15 and have babies! No need to call her a twat! What has she done to you, except for ask for advice??? Okay....to the one whom started this "stupid" I understand how you feel, it's motherly urges, and it is perfectly normal! Now if you are not pregnant, then get back on your pills, and just act like nothing happened. If you ARE pregnant, first off tell your boyfriend and your parents! Then worry about school, and money, and all that. Take one step at a time. If you worry about everything at once, you will just get overwhelmed with what is going on, and get overly stressed out. Just take this slow. Let me know if you are or not, I can give you more advice if you need it.


matt - May 17

you need to grow up. if you love your boyfriend you should never lie to him. you are to inmature to be having a baby.



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